3899, red Devils new release, top matching version 18G+1T, a new breakthrough is not sweet

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Nowadays, in the mobile phone market, manufacturers have to take into account the high consumption of mobile phones for games and other products when developing new products, because now mobile phone games have indeed become an indispensable situation in the mobile phone market., of course, for the average consumer, at the request of the mobile phone on the market for game is not high, so as long as the performance of mobile phone product configuration well is ok, but for now many mobile phone games as a profession or occupation to treat customers, really need a good dedicated to playing the game mobile phone products, is the mobile phone game.But now in mobile phones the good game on the market a product that is not much, like today is well-known also so a few vendors, like lenovo, black shark, and the red devils, good product is fewer, combined with the game mobile phone products as in the case of performance requirements is very high, in the mobile phone market elimination rate is fast.Combined with the game mobile phone manufacturers update speed is indeed a factor of it is not fast, in the mobile phone market is easy to appear the vacancy of product alternation, but also exacerbated the game mobile phone products in the mobile phone market a small number of the situation.However, in the mobile phone market, it may also be due to the consideration of consumer demand. When developing game mobile phone products, game mobile phone manufacturers will also take into account the requirements of some consumers in the mobile phone market.In making a breakthrough, and the price is also very close to the existence of the people.First of all, let’s look at its configuration performance. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8GEN1 processor carried by it has really good performance in terms of performance, and it is also the first under-screen camera technology mobile phone product, which is also a very good selling point of the market, indeed very good.In addition, as a mobile game product, red Devil also needs very good heat dissipation. Different from the double liquid cooling system of Red Rice K50 e-sports version, red Devil 7 series collocation of built-in heat dissipation fan also has very good heat dissipation ability, but the disadvantage is that the body becomes a little thick.However, in order not to make the phone too heavy, the red Devil 7 battery capacity of 4500 mah is relatively small in the game phone products, plus 120W starting charging power, in fact, is not bad, the battery performance is not bad.Even the Pro version has a charging power of 135 WATTS and a battery of 5,000 mah, which is very attractive to consumers of gaming phones.I believe that you will also be curious to see here, so where is the 165W charging power previously exposed?Is there a Pro+ version?No, there isn’t.The Red Devils 7 series is now available only in the Pro version, and 165W charging power is not missing either, but the charger can reach 165W charging power.Although I also feel very confused, why charger to do than mobile phone support the power of a higher power, but the red devils really 7 pro charging power made a breakthrough, and maximum charging power now on the market, and charging the current market is the best explanation for charging the laptop and other electronic devices.In terms of screen display, the design of the full screen is really for the consideration of game players. Without the influence of the front camera, the performance of the picture can be greatly improved. In addition, the high brush design supports 165Hz, which is indeed a good performance in the mobile phone market.And shooting average real performance is compared, the rear three was taken in 64 million pixels, the other two lenses are not broken must, is a suspected of quantity, the front of the camera while have 16 million pixels of strength, but because of the camera screen technology, take the performance is really bad.But a game mobile phone product, what to take a selfie with shooting?There is also the best, no matter the situation, the overall red Devils 7 series of market performance is really very good, like friends do not miss oh.