Assist Toyota five-star shop Lingshang discount up to 8,000 yuan

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Assist Toyota New Year car season grand opening, car purchase will send a New Year gift package!Great benefit coming!The whole city guarantee price, buy your difference!★★★ ★ TNGA 2.0L Camry “same level” configuration, only 148,800!① All models 0 down payment ② loans up to 2 years 0 interest, starting from 82 yuan a day;③ With small for big, have the opportunity to enjoy 0 down payment, the highest can enjoy 2000 yuan gift package;④ Car can participate in the lottery, a variety of appliances you can draw, the winning rate of 100%;(5) old customers recommend to buy the car is sent basic maintenance once;⑥ Car purchase upgrade six VIP privileges.Step over power: TNGA Camry 2.0L engine of the same level, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.9L/100KM.The whole system is equipped with a Direct Shift-CVT transmission for stronger power output.(2) Cross-level safety: PCS pre-collision safety system, AHB automatic near-far light adjustment system, DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system.(3) Fengyun Yue Enjoy: intelligent voice interaction and face recognition function, know the face more intimate;Zhihang Interconnection realizes vehicle remote control, insurance reminder, fault diagnosis and other intimate services.400-128-2932, enjoy one-to-one exclusive services: detailed configuration of models, differences between models of the same class, car purchase policies, car source pickup situation;At the same time, you can get a beautiful gift at the store!Or click or button, a professional consultant will call you back!Address: Dongqi Road.Promotion time from February 03, 2022 to February 03, 2022 Lingshang latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Nanjing quotation 2.0L luxury edition 148,800 yuan 0.800 yuan 140,800 yuan 2.0L distinguished edition 158,800 yuan 0.800 yuan 158,800 yuan