Meet youth in the mountains and rivers!Come here to find pudong in early spring

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In Pudong, along the extensive subway network, there are plenty of places worth checking in again and again, such as the Shanghai Expo Culture Park near the Shibo Avenue station on Line 13.Shanghai Expo Culture Park is located in the Pudong riverside area, covering an area of nearly 2 square kilometers.On the basis of retaining and renovating the original expo venues, the Expo Garden, Twin Hills, Shenyuan, Dancing Square, Quiet Forest, time stamp Avenue and other landscape areas and scenic spots have been newly opened.Starting from the dancing Square at the east entrance of the park, the sculpture with the words “Shanghai Expo Culture Park” erected on the bank is simple and simple.Taking the garden moon Gate as the design clue, the bridge, water, hole and door are ingeniously combined. The water scene near at hand is integrated with lupu Bridge and tall buildings in the distance.Further to the west, there is the Time Stamp Avenue, which stretches more than 400 meters from east to west, displaying three phases of the park’s history, from industrial age to ecological civilization, with vegetation and sculptures.Along the way, in addition to viewing art sculptures left over from the industrial era, haibao, the mascot of the World Expo, also waves to you constantly, as if the corridor really brings back your memory 12 years ago.If you go there now, you can also meet 300,000 tulips in the garden to create a dazzling pattern, small and colorful tulips, instantly warm one’s heart.Of course, there’s more to the expo garden, wisteria promenades full of lanterns, vast tracts of tent green and magnolia groves.Further west, is another recommended area of the Expo Culture Park, is the most popular jiangnan garden – Shenyuan.In the garden, there are mountains and rivers, houses and Bridges, and the layout of “mountains” and “mountains” shows water in the water, which gives the classical pavilions and pavilions attached to the garden more a touch of the charm of “Jiangnan Scenery map”.In the Garden of any place, a rely on, a head up, can take a lot of beautiful photos, eaves, corridors and pavilions, the palace decoration common in those movies and TV plays, in the Garden of Shen, with the charm of jiangnan, more graceful and charming.In the Expo culture Park, there is not only a quiet paradise, but also a blend of modern and primitive, bowed head to see the ancient color, look up to see the prosperity, is one of the most attractive places of the Expo culture Park.Of course, in beauty, each opinion, if you are planning an early spring outing, why not come to the Expo culture Park, I believe you will be able to meet more beautiful style.Some venues, such as The Shanghai Expo Park and the Dog GO Park, can be booked through the official website of Shanghai Expo Culture Park, wechat official account and mini program.Source: Pudong