See Zhejiang in “Rain Water”, beautiful!The rain will soon clear, the sun tomorrow or online

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Today, at 0:43, we welcome the second solar term in the 24 solar terms — rain water trickles down, otters start fishing, wild geese feel the warmth of spring and flock back to the north. Plants and trees gradually sprout and color the mood of spring.”When will the double flying swallow come back?Peach blossoms dip in water “” falling flower people independent, micro swift double fly” from the rain began everywhere in Zhejiang began to bloom in front of the red wall black tile picture.Wang Gang photograph “return smile nianmeihua smell, spring in the branches has been very”.The blooming season has arrived. Why didn’t this year’s “plum appreciation army” dominate wechat moments?According to jiaxing City garden municipal management service center related person in charge of the explanation, mainly related to this year’s temperature, the plum blossom needs to go through a certain stage of low temperature process to form flower buds, but light and warming is a good helper to rush flowers, unfortunately, these two are not satisfactory this year.At relatively low temperatures, plum blossom “opening speed” will be slower, and the flowering period can be relatively prolonged.A year’s plan in the spring in the field of the farmers are also busy up xiaodong management, spring tillage work has been put on the agenda of the recent spring tea in south Zhejiang also began to pick “Zhejiang first morning” Yongjia Wuniu early tea mining: 1600 yuan to 2200 yuan per catty.At present, tea has germinated in some areas of southern Zhejiang, Yongjia, Taishun, Pingyang, Jingning and other local Wuniu early tea has been mined.”Good rain knows season, when spring is occurrence” apricot flower misty rain jiangnan all things are “embellish with wind and rain” which delicious taste has the breath of spring?What activity replaces the meaning of the stirring of early spring?In the rain season, although everything is gradually recovering, the temperature is still changeable. Eat less sour taste and more sweet taste in your diet. You can choose spring bamboo shoots and Chinese yam to nourish your spleen.The white and tender chicken shreds are combined with the freshest leek sprouts, which are light, refreshing and fragrant to nourish the taste of spleen and stomach, and to meet the health needs of nourishing the body during the rain season. “Cooking skills of Hangzhou Cuisine” is a representative item of Intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang Province, rooted in the folk food customs of South Of the Yangtze River.Shredded chicken with leek sprouts.The arrival of rain water solar term represents growth and hope, thus spawning many interesting folk customs.Yanzhou shrimp Lantern, commonly known as Shrimp gong Lantern, is a traditional folk dance lantern show spread for a long time in Meicheng Town, Jiande, where the ancient Yanzhou prefecture is located. It was also selected into the second batch of Representative items of Intangible cultural Heritage in Zhejiang Province.Yan Zhou shrimp lamp.The so-called “zhandaose” is to stir glutinous rice flowers to predict the harvest of rice in the New Year.As an important solar term at the beginning of spring ploughing, on the day of rain, farmers in South China often stir fried glutinous rice to predict the harvest. The more glutinous rice flowers burst, the better the harvest.Sons-in-law bring two cane chairs and POTS of meat to their in-laws during the Rain season to express their best wishes and thank them for bringing up their daughters.After the rain, is still a chill of early spring, zhejiang is still in the coming days rainy and 20-21, there could be an intermittent rain but the cloud is more, a few days ago in zhejiang anji cloud on the prairie accumulated snow, snow depth biggest 58 cm, and friends about a wave of ski weekend is good too ~ this month since the serious absence of the sun when it’s time to live?According to hangzhou meteorological Station, the sun will stop wandering and come back online on Sunday.Although the temperature is still not high, only 1 to 5 degrees Celsius, and the wind is a little strong, the warm sun will still bring a joy and comfort.Don’t miss it, get washed up and go for a walk, the good weather only lasts until Next Monday.Photo: Blue sky, sand, sea and black-tailed gulls make up a beautiful picture of nature.Everything is the best arrangement. In this hopeful day, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which attracted much attention, has come to an end. During this period of time, we witnessed countless laughter and tears, but also harvested touching and warm memories, destined to be unforgettable!Tomorrow (February 20th), the closing ceremony will be held although there are reluctant to give up, but more is excited and looking forward to February 4th evening, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing national Stadium.In the rain season known as “tillage”, hard-working and simple farmers have started the spring ploughing in full swing. After the Spring Festival reunion, we are like streams, such as streams, such as springs, such as waterfalls, such as rivers, such as rivers, lakes and oceans, in general, rushing for the New Year.Photo by Liu Zhongjun Let us with infinite longing and hope to cultivate a grain harvest in autumn look forward to 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games another spectacular scene!Source: China News network, Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang published, Hangzhou published and other comprehensive (copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact in time)