Sports and home, both hands grasp, both hands are hard

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Buying a car has always been a big deal for domestic consumers, especially young consumers who have a certain amount of knowledge about cars and know what they want.Young people, pay attention to personality, like to be different, the same is true for vehicles, the level of appearance should not be low key power to give motivation.Requirements are not low but it is not difficult to find, but this type of car is often weakened home attributes, is always back to the family, just “play” for a few years and then sell?Have sport and home use both hands are very hard choice!Have, the Great Wall hafu gave the answer, in the “god car” H6 product matrix and launched a new car – Hafu H6S, the car can be said to exercise and family use both hands grasp and both hands are hard.In the expression of “movement” two words, Hafu H6S uses a completely different style of design language, the face of the double intake grille, in the background of the color trim more youthful breath, slip back roof is more prominent theme, smooth body lines, 19 inches of smoked black hub with red calipers, leaving a deep impression on people.”Sporty,” of course, from the outside in. Look at the amount of carbon fiber trim in the Harf H6S. Look at the seats, the all-in-one sports seats, which are wrapped and made from a leather-Alcantara blend for comfort.Usually, what makes people worry about is the rear seat space. The size of this car is 4727/1940/1729mm, and the wheelbase is 2738mm. It can be seen from the figure that the rear seat has reserved enough space.In order to improve practicality and convenience for car owners, intelligent cockpit has always been the competition point of Great Wall Motor. The built-in intelligent car engine will provide better experience after calling “Hello, Hafu”.During the test drive of Haffer H6S, I was deeply impressed. When approaching the gas station, the refueling payment interface pops up on the screen, which is very intelligent and humanized.In addition, intelligent configuration is also a very important part, 50 meters tracking parking, automatic parking, remote parking, panoramic vision image clear, and the use of mobile phones can also control the engine, air conditioning, seat heating and other functions.With big space and an intelligent cockpit, the Harvard H6S is unique in the home.Now it is hard enough for young people to support their families, and there is no doubt that the pressure of car maintenance will increase. Refueling is a big expense in car maintenance. Hav H6S carries a hybrid assembly, namely 1.5T HEV hybrid DHT, with an output of 179KW and a fuel consumption of 4.9L per 100km.Of course, Great Wall motor also prepared the traditional fuel power for you, which is the combination of 2.0TGDI+ second-generation 7DCT dual clutch transmission, output 155kW.Take sports as the selling point, then run on the track, the test drive is the traditional fuel 2.0T power version, horsepower with stepping and cornering, H6S has a good performance in roll suppression.The car provides a variety of steering wheel control mode and sport mode/track mode, etc., you can choose freely according to the road conditions, if you want to passion, you can click on the sport mode, the vehicle control will become radical and the virtual sound is full of combat style.1.5T hybrid version, although not driving but also in the back row experience, electric drive starting and traditional fuel power is different, the former is more quiet, as a passenger, the whole process is more close to the feeling of pure electric car.Chassis filter ability is good, the key is enough space for the rear row, and there is no pressure when you lift your legs.Harvard H6S in sports and home processing for the right time of activity from April 3, 2022 to April 10, 2022