Tongchuan Central Branch of People’s Bank of China: Comprehensively strengthen internal control and management to promote the improvement of governance capacity

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In recent years, the Central Branch of Tongchuan of the People’s Bank of China has deepened the construction of internal control mechanism, starting from creating a good atmosphere, consolidating the main responsibility, strengthening the problem orientation, and paying close attention to the implementation. Through the improvement of internal control mechanism and fine management, it has promoted the further improvement of internal governance ability.First, improve the ideological position and create a good atmosphere for internal control.Tongchuan branch further clarified the concept of the person in charge of the unit as the first responsible person for internal control, and the “one in charge” of the internal control work “personally grasp, personally manage”.After repeated research, the discipline inspection commission and supervision office of the Office of the Internal control leading Group submitted the opinions on the implementation of the internal control work to the Party Committee for special consideration.Organize the heads of all departments of the bank to hold the internal control leading group and the “big supervision” working meeting, report the list of negative problems and the rectification situation, and make comprehensive arrangements for the internal control work.Through layer upon layer conduction pressure, further unify thought, build consensus, create a good atmosphere for the implementation of internal control construction.Second, strengthen system construction and consolidate the responsibility of the main body of internal control.Tongchuan Central Branch regards internal control as a system engineering, further combs the responsibility, ensures the upper and lower concentric, the department is in the same track, the mechanism is in the same direction.The four-level responsibility system is clearly defined, that is, the party committee is responsible for decision-making, and carries out overall research and deployment on the construction of internal control to provide resources for the construction of internal control;Responsible leaders, responsible departments and department heads are directly responsible for the specific implementation of internal control construction and problem rectification;Internal audit, discipline inspection and office are responsible for daily supervision of internal control construction and evaluation of the operation of internal control mechanism;The personnel department and other performance appraisal departments are responsible for taking the feedback problems and evaluation results of the operation of internal control mechanism provided by the internal audit department into the department and personnel performance appraisal as important basis.At the same time, the Negative List of Problems found in inspection and the Task Breakdown Table of the Department in charge of internal control mechanism construction have been made, leading all departments to cooperate according to the division of responsibilities and forming a new pattern of internal control work featuring extensive participation, initiative and coordination.Third, we continued to be problem-oriented and made up for weak links in internal controls.On the basis of clarifying responsibilities, we should study carefully and make up for the weakness of internal control.On the one hand, comb to system as the breakthrough point, the office is responsible for the carding bank-wide system perfect, the further completion system vulnerabilities, revising perfect unreasonable system, cleaning system has failure, improve the working process, each department of each line system is carried out their business, strengthen the comprehensive, systematic, integrated system.We will promote the formation of a regular and long-term operating mechanism in which institutions and processes take charge of people’s affairs.On the other hand, starting from the rectification of the negative list found in external audit and the inspection of comprehensively enforcing Strict Party self-governance in the past three years, we have identified the types of problems and implemented the rectification according to their categories.Through solid rectification, further consolidate the foundation of internal control, promote the solution of problems from the source, and realize the refinement of internal management.Fourth, remove obstacles to implementation and ensure that internal controls are in place.The role of internal control, ultimately through implementation to reflect, tongchuan branch of the internal control and the work closely combined, to achieve the change from “rules” to “see results”.First, strengthen the exemplary role of leading groups.All the members of the leading group take the lead, take the lead to comply with the internal control system, develop the habit of internal control priority thinking deployment to promote the work;Secondly, strengthen the leading role of publicity and education.Strengthen operators’ risk awareness, change from passive supervision to active prevention and control, ensure that the development of each business is under strict internal monitoring, and realize embedded management of “internal control + business”;Finally, strengthen the role of supervision and inspection.We will improve the linkage mechanism of audit and rectification, bring into full play the joint force of “great supervision”, consolidate achievements through continuous supervision, supervision and accountability, and ultimately promote the improvement of the internal governance capacity of THE China Branch through the improvement of the internal control mechanism.(Reporter Tian Yixuan correspondent Kuang Mengran) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: