Deeply missed!Many Chinese embassies and consulates abroad paid tribute to the martyrs

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Qingming festival martyrs, build the Chinese soul.During this year’s Tomb-sweeping Day, a number of Chinese embassies and consulates overseas organized memorial ceremonies for the martyrs to deeply remember their local contributions and express their feelings of remembrance.During the Qingming Festival, the Chinese Embassy in Serbia held a ceremony in front of the former site of the Chinese Embassy to the Federation of Yugoslavia, laying wreaths to the three martyrs killed in NATO bombing.The Chinese Embassy in Serbia did not organize any memorial activities due to the epidemic.On the same day, nearly 100 people, including representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises in Serbia, overseas Chinese and Serbian people, spontaneously came to mourn.The Chinese embassy in Serbia mourn Shao Yunhuan etc three martyrs (CCTV news) on March 24, 1999, the us-led NATO with overwhelming air force and high-tech weapons, the sovereign state of Yugoslavia military targets and infrastructure for the 78 consecutive days of bombing, a total of Serbia in 1008 soldiers killed,More than 2,500 civilians were killed, more than 6,000 were injured and nearly a million became refugees.On the night of May 7, 1999 local time, the US troops involved in the bombing campaign attacked the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia with missiles, killing three journalists, injuring more than 20 diplomats and severely damaging the building.On May 7, 2009, the Belgrade municipal government erected a memorial plaque in front of the former site of the Chinese Embassy in memory of the three Chinese journalists who were killed in the NATO bombing.China’s ambassador to Congo (gold) rate team just martyrs cemetery martyrs’s signing on the morning of April 3rd, China’s ambassador to Congo (gold) zhu jing rate part of the embassy diplomats and aid medical team representatives of local chinese-funded organizations and communities’, just to the outskirts of kinshasa martyrs aid just placed flowers, Chinese citizens martyrs cemetery and memorial in Kang Dengkai etc. Eight Chinese compatriots died on duty.In his speech, Zhu Jing of the Chinese Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo said that Martyr Kang Dengkai and other Chinese compatriots who are buried here have answered the call and come to the DEMOCRATIC Republic of the Congo (DRC), overcome all kinds of difficulties and hardships, sweat and work selflessly for the cause of China-DRC friendship and cooperation, and sacrificed their precious lives.On the one hand, we come here to pay tribute to the martyrs on behalf of the motherland and their loved ones and remember their glorious deeds. On the other hand, we also want to draw strength from our example, firm up our ideals and convictions, keep in mind our original mission, shoulder the heavy burden in our posts abroad, and move forward with courage and determination.At the same time, Zhu thanked the Association of Chinese Enterprises in The Congo for the daily repair of the cemetery and the medical team for the preparation of the event, and asked the families of the compatriots buried here to rest assured that the country and people will not forget them, and the cemetery will be regularly maintained and visited.Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian leads some staff of the Chinese Embassy in Manila on April 4 to pay tribute to the heroes of Overseas Chinese who fought Against Japanese aggression in Yishan.On the same day, Huang xilian and his delegation laid wreaths at the Monument and tomb of The Anti-japanese Martyrs of Overseas Chinese in the Philippines, and donated money to repair the Yishan Mountain and the Memorial Hall of Overseas Chinese against Japanese Aggression.In his speech, Huang xilian expressed deep memory of all the Anti-japanese martyrs of Overseas Chinese, expressed cordial sympathy to the relatives of the anti-japanese veterans of Overseas Chinese, and highly appreciated the charitable efforts of the Philippine Overseas Chinese Charity Association and the Chinese Branch Descendants Association in constructing and repairing the anti-japanese heroes memorial building and collecting, sorting and protecting historical relics.Huang said that 80 years ago, the heroes and sages of overseas Chinese in the Philippines fought against the Japanese invaders with their lives and blood, making indelible historical contributions to the national liberation cause of the Philippines and China and the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War.They are the pride of the Chinese nation, and their achievements have been recorded in history. We should remember them from generation to generation and remember them forever.The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan on April 4 held a ceremony to commemorate martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Chinese revolutionary cause and Chinese diplomat Zou Xingzhi who was laid to rest in Afghanistan.On the same day, representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan visited zou xingzhi’s grave and offered flowers and fruits to mourn his death.Zou Xingzhi, Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, went to Afghanistan in June 1982.He died on the job one night in December 1982 after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage.Due to the war conditions, the body could not be repatriated to China and was laid to rest in Afghanistan.The staff of the Embassy in Afghanistan said that they will continue to uphold the martyrs’ will, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation without fear of hardship and sacrifice.Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Chen Mingjian, representatives of the Chinese Embassy and Chinese enterprises visited the Cemetery of Chinese experts during the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, paying deep tribute to the Chinese experts who were buried there for the construction of tazara railway and other china-Tanzania cooperation projects.The Cemetery for Chinese experts on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam was solemn.On behalf of the Embassy, Ambassador Chen Mingjian laid a wreath at the tomb of the Martyrs and carefully arranged the ribbons.All present bowed in silent tribute.During the visit to the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania, Ambassador Chen Mingjian and representatives of the embassy staff listened to the introduction of the deeds of the deceased in front of each gravestone and offered bouquets of flowers to pay their highest respect to the martyrs.Embassy in Madagascar martyrs died on signing the horse at the tomb of the experts on April 4th, in honor of highway projects in signing the horse two died on China expert, Chinese ambassador to Madagascar xiao-mei guo and representatives of the embassy diplomats in the capital antananarivo jana harry cemetery for the martyrs’s ceremony, to sacrifice for china-malaysia friendship Wang En martyrs Chinese experts such as flowers,To express high respect and deep feelings of remembrance.On the morning of the same day, the atmosphere in front of the martyrs’ tomb was solemn and solemn. Flowers presented in the name of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia were placed at the base of the cemetery, and people attending the ceremony paid silent tribute to the martyrs.Six experts, including Martyr Wang En of the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar, died in the line of duty between 1978 and 1995 during the implementation of the National Road 2 aid project in Madagascar and were laid to rest in a foreign country. They gave their lives to illustrate the great spirit of humanitarianism and internationalism.Held the Chinese consulate general in penang on April 2, the heroes “qingming festival” activities, consul general of China in penang LuShiWei rate of librarians and the family member representatives, activity of Chinese institutions representatives came to penang Chinese Anti-Japanese War dead memorial mechanic and dead compatriots, the heroes “qingming festival” activities, to overseas Chinese resistance in mechanic and dead flower basket and three bows.After the ceremony, the staff visited the relief wall and the three-dimensional statue of the mechanic and truck in front of the monument, and listened to the chairman of the monument management committee Zhuang Gengkang’s presentation on the heroic Anti-Japanese War deeds of the mechanic and the completion of the monument.Though the spirit is gone, the spirit lives on.Remember, recall!The official wechat account of the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar, the official wechat account of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania, etc. Many people were infected on the bullet train.Experts remind!Shanghai added more than 13,000!38,000 medical workers are rushing to help qingming Festival today