Green green!Old editor of Morning paper turns from yellow code to green

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“Daughter-in-law, look!Look!My size is green!Ha ha……”At 8 o ‘clock in the evening of April 2, Lao Lin, editor of the morning newspaper who lives in Greenland Century City, was in the process of constantly refreshing the health code, and finally had a surprise discovery.Holding the mobile phone to daughter-in-law, as if “show off” general.”Really?!That’s good!”The daughter-in-law hurried over to take a look, and happily clapped hands with Lao Lin. Then she said, “By the way, post it in the Happy family group, and the old people on both sides will feel relieved.”Next, in the wechat group of friends and relatives, business owners and colleagues, Lao Lin happily communicated with everyone amid the sound of congratulations: How many nucleic acid tests have been done?Where was it made?Received several negative test results…Colleagues and friends with “yellow code” are also rushing to refresh their health code, calculating when their health code can “return to green”.Encounter the same green code, we say to each other “tongxi, tongxi!”This state, it’s like you’re in the middle of something big.It is true that the COVID-19 prevention and control situation in Xuzhou has become suddenly severe recently. People have to disinfect, check “two codes” and wear masks when entering the office.There’s a tension in everyone’s mind.March 29, is the unit of Lao Lin inadvertently brush out the yellow health code, just the day before the nucleic acid test results are negative ah?Why is the health code yellow?Will not……Thinking of these, Lao Lin’s heart was a little nervous.After reporting to the unit leadership, Lao Lin returned home ahead of schedule.That night, Lao Lin found in the community owner group, the community received “yellow code” of the people were not a few, he lived in a building there are more than 10, we are discussing how to do?The official wechat account of The Metropolitan Morning Post, which Lao Lin follows, pushes many updates on the epidemic prevention and control in Xuzhou, which makes him understand that nucleic acid testing is the most correct way.When I was communicating with everyone in the group, I heard a trumpet sound playing in a loop downstairs: “Residents of yellow code, please pay attention to the nucleic acid test in front of Yunlong Wanda Plaza tomorrow…”On the morning of March 30th, looking at the long queue in front of Wanda Plaza, Lao Lin thought of the joke in Douyin. This was called “Captain is dead!”Hours of waiting in line, less than 1 minute sampling process…There’s no telling when the code will go green again, but it’s a first step.In the following days, Lao Lin showed up at the nucleic acid testing site in Wanda Plaza every day at an interval of 24 hours. He refreshed his health code from time to time, watching the police who tried their best to maintain order and Baymax who never slept.Mobile phone shell paste detection sampling certificate has five, they cooperate with the “yellow code”, is also in and out of the district of the entry card.Lao Lin thought to himself, “Soon, there are five of them. If you collect seven, you can summon the dragon.”Of course, every day When Lao Lin goes out to do nucleic acid testing and sampling, it is also time to look for materials and think about new media product ideas.After all, everyone works from home these days, and Lao Lin is no exception. A VPN account makes the office ubiquitous.Finally, on the evening of April 2, Lao Lin opened the health code as he habitually did, and the scene at the beginning of this article occurred.”Sukang code” yellow code how to do?Eligible to apply for transcoding to see the latest requirements left left left according to the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control work, for the timely and accurate prompt risks related personnel, effectively prevent the spreading of COVID – 19 outbreak, zhuhai since March 28, high-risk areas in not designated sealing centralization, the personnel control area and had a space-time with confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections with staff,Carry out “Sukang code” yellow code, according to “Sukang code” yellow code personnel for reminder and management.If these citizens have completed nucleic acid tests for at least three times (with an interval of at least 24 hours) and all the results are negative, they can fill in the relevant information by scanning the QR code at the end of the article, register with the local streets (towns) and communities (villages), and apply for switching from yellow code to green code.What should the yellow code holder pay attention to?For the current “Su Kang code” yellow code, please take the initiative to place unit, and community (village) registration, shall comply with the relevant prevention and sealing centralization, isolation or home quarantine personnel sampling inspection and management, through the specialized team other yellow code personnel within the allotted time go to the nearest “Su Kang code” yellow code staff dedicated testing point for nucleic acid detection,Take personal protection and keep a distance of 1 meter from others.How can other yellow code personnel apply for green code?(1) For personnel in medium-high risk areas, containment and control areas, orderly transcoding shall be conducted after unlocking the seals according to the regional management cycle;(2) Transcoding will be approved in batches for some early point-to-point SMS notification personnel;(3) Some people are accompanied by multiple cases or asymptomatic infected persons on different time and space dates, so yellow code delay may occur. Health monitoring should be continued, and nucleic acid tests should be conducted as required.If residents of each county (city) and Tongshan district find that the yellow code is not accurate, they can report and register to their units and communities (villages) in time. After approval, the communities (villages) will report and report, and the county (city) district DISEASE control department will review and transcode.Other transcoding declaration links to spread unofficial circulars are false news, please do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.In order to facilitate the masses to apply online remote, special design transcoding application TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, reduce personnel out or gathering.Gulou District of Xuzhou city, Yunlong district, Quan Shan district, Jia Wang district, residents of the open area sukang code yellow code to green code application everyone: your health code “back to green”?Take it easy. Be patient. Be patient.The epidemic will recede and life will continue.Director | jin-song hu as a whole | Chen Qiang Liang Ming words | Lin Gang edit | shan point the original title: “green, green! Morning old weaving through yellow code to” green “”