“High-speed rail doctors” on standby to protect the Winter Olympic Games

2022-05-27 0 By

Wireless charging, WiFi Internet access, intelligent lighting adjustment…When you are enjoying a safe, smooth and intelligent journey on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, you may not notice a figure in a dark suit inside the train. They are the high-speed train’s onboard mechanics.Onboard mechanics are often called “train doctors” because they have to monitor the train as it moves and be ready to deal with all kinds of emergencies and breakdowns.According to Jiang Nan, a mechanic at the Beijing North Bullet Train section of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., LTD., as high-speed trains become more intelligent, mechanics are more like “doctors combining Chinese and Western culture”. “We should not only have the ability of ‘observing, hearing, questioning and cutting’, but also master the knowledge of various new equipment and facilities.”Jiang Nan is in the mechanic’s control room in the car.There are thousands of intelligent train safety operation testing points, involving all aspects of the driving process, such as the toilet sensing, temperature sensing, intelligent window sensing and so on, more testing points are also more intelligent.Taking the overcrowding alarm as an example, the video monitoring system in the passenger room can capture the picture of overcrowding and feed back to the monitoring room of the onboard mechanic in time, so that the mechanic can quickly judge whether it is a real alarm or a false alarm and make a quick response, which greatly improves the efficiency of handling the situation.”Without this system, a mechanic would have to arrive at the car to confirm the alarm before handling it, which would increase the time for handling the alarm and might even cause delays.”Especially during the Spring Festival travel rush, when trains run in high density, any delay of one minute will have a big impact on subsequent trains.”Jiang Nan said.Jiang Nan checks the equipment in the driver’s cab.China JingJiWang reporter TongMingBiao/taken, however, for the accessory mechanic, intelligent train looks like the working strength is reduced, is actually puts forward higher requirements on the business level, “the application of high-tech equipment and system may make some of our work more simple and easy, but we first need to guarantee that the equipment and the system is normal,This needs us to master more knowledge and skills, at the same time, the application of advanced equipment has increased the testing point of the train, we must fully grasp the situation of the these check points and fault handling knowledge, such as business for screen equipment, wireless charging equipment, etc., all need to patrol, and haven’t confirmed seat only when the equipment is normal.”Jiang Nan checks the bogie of the train.China JingJiWang reporter TongMingBiao/taken In order to adapt to the new requirements, the train section of Beijing north train smart bullet into 1:1 by model used in mechanic practice, after and before every ride back by conductor mechanics have to accept 1-2 fault simulation training of the project, in addition, each week, each month, each quarter will also have the corresponding strengthen training.”We want to develop muscle memory and reflexes through continuous training,” he says. “When you hear a fault code, you immediately respond and do the right thing.”Jiang Nan said.According to introducing, this training has been carried out for over a year and a half time, through training, Beijing north train mechanic significantly enhance the level of business, “we have here the average age of the mechanic in 26 years old or so, the actual value multiplied experience is about 2-3 years, but through our simulation training, their business capabilities have been able to reach the level of value multiplied five years.”Jiang Nan said.”Games and travel” is this year the biggest characteristic of railway transportation, home in zhangjiakou Jiang Nan for this year to contribute strength to ensure the games are felt exceptionally glory, but hasn’t celebrate Spring Festival at home for six years, he can only hide to family were in the in the mind, “the work is always someone, will take the responsibility themselves in this post,Especially the double pressure of this year’s Winter Olympic Spring Transport, our staff and cadres are full of energy after receiving the task of security, we must complete the task well, we can not go home for the Spring Festival these have shown understanding and support.Jiang Nan said.The reporter also learned that Jiang Nan and his colleagues have been on standby 24 hours a day, quietly stick to the safe and smooth operation of the railway.(China Economic Network reporter Tong Mingbiao)