Xi ‘an net review: “Chinese knot” bears the future of the United States and the world

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Wind and rain send spring, snow to spring.On February 4, the start of spring, athletes from 91 participating countries (regions) gathered in Beijing to welcome the historic moment at the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, which witnessed the double Olympic Games. The Olympic dream has once again blossomed in China, and the Beijing Winter Olympics has provided a stage for the whole world to participate in the event.Since the athletes’ entrance, the scene to usher in the hands of guide card is a “snow,” snow “petals” into the “Chinese knot” design elements, each delegation is a symbol of the Olympic family a little snowflake, attend the winter games each country (region) as snowflakes, each are not identical, meimei.It can be said that at that moment, the “Chinese knot” gave birth to a future of “beauty and unity” of all continents and the world, enabling people around the world to break barriers and abandon prejudice and “move forward together” under the glory of the five rings.Chinese knot, this “answer paper” is China’s cultural heritage to the future.A piece of decorative art woven with a silk thread from beginning to end, is not only the embodiment of China’s ancient cultural tradition, but also the implication of good luck and the prospect of a better future.It has become a cultural symbol representing China.Since ancient times, Chinese knot has been widely used in all aspects of life, telling the inheritance and development of ancient wisdom.Such as the Southern Liang Wu Emperor Xiao Yan “waist double qi belt, dream for the same heart knot” between men and women express the pledge of love tokens, “pan long knot” meaning love each other forever, wearing jade decoration “ruyi knot”, but wish contentment contentment…Chinese knot hand in photograph reflect with the Olympic rings, the “answer” is presented to the world, not only will the Chinese people’s moral rich and good wishes to the world, but also convey the Chinese culture and world culture and symbiosis, set up two-way to the bridge in China and the world, this is the best “into the future together” “pledge”.For thousands of years, it has been the sincere wish of the Chinese people that the world is one and the same.The COMMUNIST Party of China and the Chinese people not only hope for a good life for themselves, but also for people around the world.”All living things thrive without harming one another, and paths run parallel without interfering with each other.”The prosperity of civilizations and the progress of mankind cannot be achieved without seeking common ground while shelving differences, openness and inclusiveness, and inter-civilization exchanges and mutual learning.Countries (regions) gather together for sports and athletes embrace each other for the Winter Olympics. This moment, regardless of countries, races or each other, coincides with the Olympic spirit of unity, friendship and peace, and embodies the core values and vision of the Olympic Movement.In the future, China will embrace the world with a more open attitude, contribute to the world with more dynamic achievements of its civilization, and the world will be more peaceful, peaceful, open and prosperous.”China will do well only when the world does well.When China does well, the world does better.”This is the rational understanding of the CPC based on its long-term development practice, and demonstrates the firm confidence of a century-old party in promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.The witness to the 2022 Beijing Olympics “important moment”, this is the day “all beginning, all things themselves”, “Chinese knot” opened “Olympic flower will never die, it through one thousand years of wind and frost, across the east and the west cultural difference, drifting into the” bird’s nest “national stadium, symbol of the” open the window to see China’s “good image.Today, China, making strides towards national renewal, is going hand in hand with the rest of the world. We will write a new chapter in building a community with a shared future for mankind and usher in an even brighter future for human development and progress.As the Beijing Winter Olympics arrive, China and the rest of the world are more interdependent.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com