Yunnan Mohan border inspection: cohesion of the strongest “centripetal force” to stimulate the force of progress

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Security and border stability are the key to national security.It is an uphill battle to safeguard national political security, crack down on cross-border crimes, prevent imported cases, and maintain security and stability at ports and borders.By combining the combined forces and resources, the mohan Railway Port duty team of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan has become an invincible iron fist, which has become the necessary spiritual character to win the battle and the winning password to achieve real achievements in the struggle.During the intermission time, the railway port police often go into the villages around the port to carry out legal publicity.They take household visits, on-site explanation, distribution of brochures and other ways to popularize the knowledge of relevant laws and regulations to the masses.It also explained the key contents in detail, and publicized to the public the harm of cross-border illegal crimes to epidemic prevention and control and the security and stability of border areas.People are encouraged to provide clues to the public security organs to report and expose relevant cross-border illegal and criminal activities.Guide the broad masses to know the law, study the law, abide by the law, use, start from their own, the full participation, consciously resist all kinds of illegal and criminal acts, in the port surrounding to create a good atmosphere of police and civilian integration, strong border solid defense.”You often go to the surrounding villages to carry out legal publicity activities, improve our concept of the rule of law, to have a further understanding of immigration management.We will step up vigilance, pay close attention to the surrounding situation, report back on the situation in a timely manner, and work closely with each other to jointly safeguard border security and safeguard the safety of the other side.”Villager Yan Lahu said.Since the opening of the China-Laos Railway, the railway port duty team has taken the initiative to expand its thinking, seek cooperation and strengthen communication and cooperation with friendly and neighboring units.It has had one discussion with the customs, five discussions with the railway operation department, eight discussions with the railway public security, and two discussions with local police stations.During the discussion and exchange, all units exchanged in-depth views on the issues of concern, and put forward valuable opinions for the railway port duty team’s service plan, so as to ensure the orderly development of service and continuously improve service quality and efficiency.We will establish a sound long-term mechanism for joint operations, explore the establishment of regular consultation mechanisms, and build a strong border safety net.Adhering to the principle of “strengthening police by politics, strengthening police by reform, invigorating police by science and technology, and managing police strictly”, the railway port duty team has promoted the integration of “three prevention”.In the border inspection field of Mohan railway port, the policemen on duty are responsible for the inspection and supervision of entry-exit freight trains.Equipped with the latest train 5 t inspection system, the system is able to train key position accurate positioning and capture images, and automatically extract the information such as trains, cars, car number, cooperate with the set of “eagle eye” video surveillance system, which can realize the goods inspection qualified regional comprehensive monitoring, no dead Angle enhance the port security control performance,At the same time, the application of highly information technology has greatly shortened the inspection time, and truly achieved the police force to science and technology.The railway port duty team attaches great importance to the training of scientific and technological talents, and often organizes relevant personnel to participate in various online and offline training and learning of border inspection business, data modeling, big data application and so on.Organize staff to observe and learn large-scale new document checking instrument, information collection instrument, optical microscope and other equipment on site, and timely master the practical operation skills and application ability of the latest equipment.The railway port duty team also pays attention to the maintenance and overhaul of equipment, regularly organizes the technical backbone of the team to check, upgrade and update the computer and monitoring equipment, so as to timely find the hidden security risks, ensure that the equipment is always “young and energetic”, and maximize its role.Yunnan network correspondent Zhong Jiusheng thunderstorm photography report