Folktale: An old ghost craves food

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In ancient times, there was a hunter named Yu Jinghu in Yingtianfu. Every day he went hunting up the mountain.One day, Yu Jinghu went out hunting on his fast horse. He quickly locked a hare and chased the hare with his fast horse. Unexpectedly, the hare ran to the grass beside the river and disappeared.Yu Jinghu did not want to let go of the prey, he rode a horse in the grass carefully looking for the trail of the hare, but he looked for a long time, but nothing.At that moment, Yu Jinghu found an old man with white hair who was drawing water by the river. He just wanted to inquire about the whereabouts of the hare, but at this moment, the hare suddenly ran past the old man. Yu Jinghu’s horse was so frightened that it dashed around and bumped the old man directly into the river.The river was running fast and the old man fell in and was carried away by the current.Yu Jinghu saw this scene was stunned, but he also can’t water, can only helplessly look at the old man was washed away by the river.After Returning home, Yu Jinghu did not tell anyone about it, but he felt sorry for the old man.That night, in Jinghu toss and turn difficult to fall asleep, until the middle of the night has not fallen asleep, did not expect that the old man’s soul suddenly appeared in front of Jinghu, I saw him pointing at The nose of Jinghu shouted:’I was driven into the river by your horse, and you watched me being carried away, but you didn’t save me. You didn’t mean to kill me, but I died because of you. What’s the difference between you and a murderer?’In the face of the accusation of the old man in Jinghu, in fear, but also speechless for their own defense, he can only pray on his knees to forgive the old man, kowtow to the old man, the old man let go of his request.The old man see in JingHu kowtowing to admit the truth, then sigh for JingHu said: “I am living alone, after the death and ghosts, no offspring, if you really want to get my understanding, has set up a memorial tablet for me, every day with worship my chickens, ducks, and as respectful to your father, so I will spare you!”Yu Jinghu worried that the old man wanted to kill himself, so he set up a memorial tablet according to the requirements of the ghost of the old man, and sacrificed chickens and ducks to him every day.Even so, Yu was still afraid that the old man would hurt him, so he never went to the river again.However, many things tend to be afraid of what to what, Yu Jinghu did not dare to go to the river, unexpectedly that day, he had to pass the old man into the river.In Jinghu has been thirty years old, has not married, that morning, the village liu matchmaker said to Jinghu said a marriage, but when Liu matchmaker led in Jinghu to the woman’s family sit up and take notice of the time, in Jinghu found to go to the woman’s home must go through the river.Yu Jinghu did not want to miss the hard-won marriage, so she had to follow matchmaker Liu behind and went to the river.Yu Jinghu how did not expect, he and Matchmaker Liu after the river, but found that the old man was standing where he fell into the river.The old man stood by the river and stared at yu fiercely. Then he quickly walked to her, grabbed yu’s clothes tightly and said, “I have finally waited for you!Do you remember when your horse ran me into the river? ‘Yu Jinghu saw the old man angrily to find himself, scared atmosphere also dare not out, can only keep nodding, but listen to the old man then swear: “I fell into the river because of you, but you do not lend a hand, you this person in the end have a conscience?”Yu Jinghu took the opportunity to hide behind Matchmaker Liu. He asked the old man, “Although I am guilty, I offer chickens and ducks to you every day according to your request. Why do you go back on your word and come to trouble me again?”The old man was even more angry at Yu’s words. Pointing to his nose, he swore, “Open your eyes and have a good look at me. I am alive and not dead yet.Jinghu listened to the old man surprised, he hurried with the old man and Matchmaker Liu came to his home, Jinghu pointed to his memorial tablet to the old man, did not expect that the old man said: “this memorial tablet is not my name!”Yu Jinghu listened to the old man’s words more surprised, if this tablet is not the name of the old man, that had asked him to worship who?Matchmaker Liu was an outsider, but she found the crux of the problem: “Could some ghost see you knocked the old man into the river and come to ask for food?”In Jinghu and the old man feel liu matchmaker’s words are very reasonable, in order to catch the ghost of the impostor, the old man will let The Jinghu prepared a bowl of black dog blood, they wait until noon, the memorial tablet to sun exposure, and the black dog blood spilled on the above.After the black dog blood spilled on the tablet, only listen to the tablet came a burst of screams, then the tablet emitted a stream of black smoke, I saw an unkempt, pale as paper ghost appeared in front of three people.In JingHu thought he was misled by the old ghost, anger and wrath in the heart, then took out the peach tree branches severely beat old ghost, and questioned why he was deceiving yourself, that old ghost fear most peach branches and he was in JingHu played brotherhood of the Wolf, he said he is a hungry you damn fool, do not have enough to eat every day, he turns the appearance which the old man cheat on JingHu, is trying to get food.In jinghu listen to that ghost said pitifully, wanted to put that ghost.But the old man hated the ghost posing as himself, he also brought a bowl of black dog blood, directly poured on the old ghost, the ghost after contact with the black dog blood, instantly shattered, can no longer haunt.After the ghost disappeared, Yu Jinghu apologized to the old man and asked him to forgive him. The old man finally chose to forgive Yu.Later, Under the matchmaker Liu Jinghu successfully married a wife and children, he and his wife love and harmony, happy life.After passing this matter, no matter in Jinghu does what thing to become careful and cautious, and he did not encounter strange again.