Frontier soldiers how hard, look here to know, a slap down full hand are mosquitoes

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As we all know, in the non-war years, the soldiers in peace time are very hard, they need to guard the border at all times, to protect the safety of the motherland and the people.It is because of soldiers selfless pay, now the country is strong and the people live and work in peace and contentment.Border officers and soldiers are actually very hard, they need to carry out a lot of patrols every day, and most of them are in difficult areas.The hardships endured by the border officers and soldiers are unimaginable to many ordinary people. Generally, the weather in the border areas is harsh, and they either shiver like an ice pit or sweat like under the scorching sun.These adorable soldiers are stationed in a border area of China’s Xinjiang Province.They protect every inch of the motherland with their lives.This border defense force has its own designation, called North Bay Border Defense Company.Just saying the name may sound like nothing to many people, but when you get to know the daily work of this unit, you may realize how great they are.There are four major mosquito areas in the world — the Amazon in Latin America, and Lakes Chad and Tangelka in Africa — and the fourth is the north Bay Border Control Company, which is swampy and overgrown with grass. The dark, damp terrain is a mosquito paradise.It’s also the best place for mosquitoes to breed in large numbers. How many mosquitoes are there?According to local border guards, summer is the most mosquito season here, the density can reach 1,500 per cubic meter, so it is easy to slap down the hand may be full of mosquitoes.The biggest challenge for the officers and soldiers stationed here every day is how to deal with the overwhelming number of mosquitoes. They need to fight against the nature, especially when they go out of the barracks and patrol in the swamp and bushes. Every time it is a huge challenge, even to say that they risk their lives on patrol.One careless move could lead to a swarm of mosquitoes and even death.When soldiers need to go out on patrol in the summer, they are fully armed, equipped with mosquito control gear and clothing.The mosquitoes here are huge, and they’re pretty venomous.A small number of mosquitoes will not cause much harm to human body, but when the number of mosquitoes reaches a certain level, it will pose a threat to human life safety.Seven dogs of the North Bay Border Defence Company were killed by mosquitoes while out on duty.