Lisbon have been in a slump of late, Salah has failed to make a name for himself at the Africa Cup of Nations and Mali are a dark horse

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Portuguese Cup: Sporting Lisbon VS Santa Clara Match time: 2022-01-27 03:45 Match analysis: the past 20 years record: (Sporting Lisbon won 6-1 to dominate) Sporting Lisbon recent situation:Sporting Lisbon although currently ranked second in the league, but on the offensive end their firepower is far less than the other two big clubs come strong, they scored 35 goals in 15 games, compared with other Portuguese team also calculates well, but the contrast is scoring more than 50 goals of fc Porto and benfica Lisbon’s offensive firepower is not completely,Fortunately, Sporting’s defence was excellent, and even Porto, who have not lost yet, were not as good as Sporting’s.Sporting have been in a slump of late, with their only two defeats of the season coming in the last five games, one of which came against Santa Clara.Santa Clara, visiting teamSaint grams of cheerleading in the Portuguese league this season to mediocrity, but this team is the standard of the season the giant killer, including before the league cup in SAN g cheerleaders successively win over sporting Lisbon and Porto, want to know what Porto after removal of the champions league this season only lost to a domestic league, lost object is Santa Clara,It has to be said that this unremarkable team seems to have a huge impact on the Portuguese giants.This game away again to challenge Sporting Lisbon, good at home battle Santa Clara seems difficult to create a miracle.Match: Sporting Lisbon is favored to win.Cote d ‘Ivoire has won two matches against Egypt in the Africa Cup of Nations in the past 20 years, with the remaining three matches ending in draws.Cote d ‘Ivoire finished top of Group E and knocked Algeria out of the Africa Cup of Nations after beating Algeria in the final round of the tournament.Ivory Coast has zahapepe in the team, so the offensive firepower is not to worry about, but in the defense, ivory Coast’s overall strength is relatively average, they conceded three goals in the group stage, there are a lot of holes in the defensive end.Egypt has a 2-1 record in the group stage, winning all but one of its two matches, losing to Nigeria in the first round.But in the African cup of nations on Egypt strike in the group stage performance is not satisfied, the team’s most big-name players is now the most expensive player in the whole Africa salah, all start in three games, but he only in the game against guinea Bissau scored one goal, other accounts of play are mediocre, far out at his worth.Although the Egyptian team is stronger than cote d ‘Ivoire on the front line, but the overall strength of the team or cote d ‘Ivoire team is more balanced.Match: Ivory Coast is favored to win.Africa Cup of Nations: Mali VS Equatorial Guinea match: 2022-01-27 03:00Mali’s performance in the group stage of the African Cup of Nations is somewhat unexpected. They won 2 wins and drew 1 in the three rounds of the group, and emerged from group F as the group leader. Mali is now ranked 53rd in the FIFA national team ranking, which is a mediocre ranking.Mali and Gambia are regarded as the two dark horses of this Year’s European Championship. Whether they will be the dark horses will depend on how they perform in the knockout rounds.Equatorial Guinea has had one of the better performances at the Africa Cup of Nations, losing to Ivory Coast in the group stage but beating strong Algeria.Equatorial Guinea, currently ranked 114th in FIFA’s national team rankings, is the stronger team in the third tier to finish second in the group.But equatorial Guinea’s Africa Cup of Nations may have come to an end against a superior Mali.Match: Favor Mali to win.For more content, check out the legends of football