Ministry of Education: the implementation of “double reduction” is still the top priority of school work

2022-05-28 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 15 (reporters Hu Hao, Qi Qi)The Ministry of Education said at a press conference on Thursday that significant progress has been made in 2021.In 2022, the school should continue to consolidate and improve the level of “double reduction” work, the implementation of “double reduction” is still the top priority of school work.Lyu Yugang, director of the Basic Education Department of the Ministry of Education, introduced that schools have achieved remarkable results in implementing the “double reduction” policy in the fall semester of 2021.Among them, the total duration of homework is effectively controlled, the level of homework design is constantly improved, and the attractiveness and effectiveness of after-school service projects are significantly improved. The proportion of students who voluntarily participate in after-school service has increased from 49.1% at the end of last spring semester to 92.2% at the end of autumn semester.It is reported that in 2022, the Ministry of Education will focus on the three key words of “consolidation and improvement, deepening implementation, innovation and breakthrough”.To further strengthen the role of school education as the main front, continue to implement the “double reduction” as the top priority of school work, focus on improving the level of homework design, improve the level of after-school service, improve the level of classroom teaching, improve the level of balanced development of four aspects of continuous consolidation and improvement of the school “double reduction” work level.Lyu yugang said that as the spring semester of 2022 is about to begin, all local schools should carefully formulate teaching plans, actively carry out home-school communication, do a good job in student work, and attach great importance to the work of the new semester.