Send “help” to the door, get through the “last mile” of serving the masses

2022-05-28 0 By

Root residential front-line Peng Pu advisers xincun street community assistance in daily visit investigation found the needy part of the elderly, the disabled and seriously ill patients and other disabled people in community affairs independent accepts the service center to handle a bailout is very inconvenient to make these difficult groups can literally feel the love of the party and the government,The street will subside the two businesses of medical assistance and temporary assistance to the neighborhood committee, and the community assistance consultants will take the initiative to regularly collect medical expenses vouchers to help apply for relevant assistance policies.Get through the “last mile” of serving the masses.According to statistics, in 2021, community assistance consultants took the initiative to come to the door, delivered a total of 34 hospitalization deposit exemption certificates to the difficult objects with limited mobility, collected 377 medical expenses invoices for medical assistance, and assisted in handling medical assistance and temporary assistance applications for more than 3,300 times.Peng Pu xincun street says the next will continue to strengthen community assistance advisory services the ability of the masses, pioneering work ideas, constantly optimize the social assistance service contents and service methods, strengthening the troop of the “community assistance adviser”, continuous improvement “community assistance consultant” service mode, for aid advisor action more, less difficult people running errands, special difficult object zero run,Strive to create companion, long-term, full program rescue services.Source: Jing ‘an, Shanghai