The most amazing champion in the world

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This may be the most surprising champion in the world!China’s Li Jianrou prepares to compete in the women’s 500m final at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.The most expert Korean player Park Seung-ji said that the South Korean black hand for three consecutive games to our country’s king of the dead hand, even so this person is still at large.In 2010, Zhou faced park Sung-ji and other three South Korean skater in the semifinals of the 1,000m short track speed skating, park saw that he was about to fall behind, forced zhou Yang failed, lost his weight and fell.After falling, Park extended his legs to trip Zhou, causing zhou to hit the barrier hard and fall motionless on the ice.In the end, Zhou Yang was stretchered out of the field, and the subsequent examination found that her lower limbs were seriously injured, which directly led to her recovery for a long period of time, and her performance plummeted.Second place is Italy’s Ariana Fontana with 11 MEDALS on her back.The third is Ellie Christie from the UK, and none of them are good.Our most outsider li Jianrou can be said to be under great pressure!Because short track speed skating is based on the performance of the skater in the semifinal.The best performers were placed in the inner lane, and so on, the worst performers in the outer lane.Even at that time our Coach of The Chinese team had been straight call out of the son of a calf this did not have to play these three foreign players one is better than the other, this winter Olympic Games four in a row to lose!At the moment, the Chinese commentary staff and the audience supporting Li Jianrou in the venue, although their expressions were warm in their hearts, they had no bottom, they could only support our Chinese players with all their strength, so we really have hope?To tell the truth, no one knew it at that time. I still vaguely remember that there were a bunch of naysayers on the Internet at that time claiming that China had no hope of winning the World Cup. It was really chilling to be true.At the same time, the race is about to begin, and the four runners take their positions at the starting line and everyone is just waiting for the judge to give the order.The four competitors rushed out like arrows, but Li Jianrou started stiffly and was a little slower. She immediately fell to the bottom of the team and was separated by three other elite players on the spot.Suddenly the Chinese audience in front of the TV were all sweating ah, is it really as commentators and coaches said the end is set?Just when everyone thought the race was over, Britain’s Ellie Christie failed to swerve into second place Ariana Fontana of Italy.The two players fell to the ground on the spot, taking down South Korean black hand Park Seung-ji.Park seung-ji immediately unsteadily out of the track is immediately fell.Look at the people are really relieved!But originally row at the end of the team of Chinese player Li Jianrou actually miraculously became the first!South Korea black hand Pu Zhisheng fell to the ground immediately rose to blunt, the glory of the great Han Mingguo on her body!Just when she burst out with a strong sense of shame, another stumbled and fell face to face with a circle ah, belong to the way of heaven good reincarnation god forgive who.Li Jianrou take this opportunity to sprint!And before the fall to a few general will adjust good mentality is followed out, in the Chinese players behind is hot pursuit!Fortunately, Li Jianrou player’s strength is also top speed is very fast!It was a sprint across the finish line to win gold.China has won the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal in a dramatic fashion.Li Jianrou, who had been the worst performer, won the championship dramatically.And the scene of the line let all the screen in front of the Chinese people’s blood boiling for a long time to calm the excited mood, for this gold medal Li Jianrou said, the opportunity is to prepare for the people, no past efforts to accumulate which can grasp the miracle of the favor of this world’s most surprising champion is deserved!