Bad shuai put a let Li Xingyun had to play the chess game, perhaps the outcome will be unexpected

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If this is true, I hope it is true, but it is really unexpected – – Kitty I want to make an assumption first, big handsome did not die!There is no evidence that he is dead, and there is no evidence that he is dead. My guess is that he is doing one thing: he lives from death.I know that people have been concerned about the life and death of da Shuai, and once the official statement that he has died too dead to die any more, but by contrast, the charm value of the two people are similar, but there is evidence, but da Shuai’s death is text introduction and side explanation.There was no decent goodbye at all.Observe the general drawing fans is really meticulous, fifth season started three sets, each set a guard masks are covered by sand, more and more many people instinct should be based on “life is like a pile of loess” to give, when it is completely covered, said a guard completely out of the stage, and all the bad circle since its only, not see it.However, it is widely said that “hermit” in all areas of the country, assuming that the coverage of yellow sand is just a metaphor for da Shuai to hide himself deeper?Since long time ago, a guard think are doing one thing, his life is not do you think that the fostering of Lao li reign, but in each other with friends play, he has been proved that he is right, whatever is right, constructing a line break a long in describing the content of the guard in Li Chunfeng confrontation, he is stubborn, is a radical, he personally as the center,Set a goal, to achieve, even if his friends are very determined to tell him that he will fail, he will end up close to his own idea.Daishuai deathless, pawn god altar is a ball but in turn, the existence of pawn god altar is also a small threat to daishuai or Lao Li’s way can be understood as “Naruto” In The Yu-chi wave ermine pretended to kill Sasuke, but actually want to seal off his body of the snake pills.Old Li is a what kind of man is very clear, in the eyes of the big handsome, can be said to be love and hate, organs do not make old Li fan, this let the big handsome very unhappy, false nebula events (from the beginning of the rear chess) out of the emperor event (forced old Li from him)….None of them worked.This also included several times of earnest persuasion;Don’t face begged several times (peace persuade different) inhuman threats several times;It never worked.Finally, he came up with a new plan from his best friend Li Chunfeng’s words: if Old Li did not ascend the throne, the general would not die.This in the understanding of the big shuai is “home to death and then born” ah sister can understand the bad people’s flag map, and that it is the map remember the bad people’s opening what are you attracted to?Have you found the longquan treasure?Yeah, so what does this so-called map hide?I don’t know if you noticed, but the eyes of elder sister PI are not serious, and they are very sharp when they are serious.Does that mean she knows what the map means?Maybe she’s in on it, maybe she’s in on it with him, maybe she’s bad, too.All right, enough with that.