In Baoding Competition show Area, 194 old residential areas will be transformed this year to create new appearance levels and build parking garages

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On February 18, 2022, the competition show area held the mobilization meeting of the year of Renovation of old residential areas in 2022, which was the second important meeting that Baowei participated in the competition show area since its opening.The main topic of the meeting is the renovation of old residential areas in the city. There are 194 renovation projects of old residential areas in the competition show area this year. Baowei remembers that the number of renovation of old residential areas in the city this year is more than 500, the competition show area accounts for a large proportion this time, so it can be said that the task is difficult.In this conference, Jia Ruisheng, secretary of Jingxiu District Committee, once again mentioned “everyone, everything, everywhere, always”, which shows how high jia Ruisheng’s requirements for cadres are.In fact, weibo also mentioned this issue at the last conference, but I don’t know if my readers have noticed this, and I said it in a rather cryptic way last time.My understanding of the four words “everyone, everything, everywhere, always” is what we old people once said that running a country is governing officials, with the same meaning.Competition show area before the new team came up, the work and lotus pond area have a gap.Realistically speaking, the gap is narrowing or even catching up.So how did this gap come about before?As for the common people, most of them think that lazy government, disorderly conduct, inaction and passive work come from the grassroots.I remember that when Baowei participated in the business Environment conference of The Competition area for the first time last year, a short film was directly released on the big screen, pointing out that some departments in the competition area were working passively and could not keep pace with the district Committee and government of the competition area.At that time, the secretary of jingxiu District Committee mentioned that the work should be “everyone, everything, everywhere and always”.I have compared the meaning of four words to what I understand to be the kindest analogy of what a family should do to society, but it is certainly not as pleasant as I can say it today.At yesterday’s meeting, IT was the third time I heard the phrase “everyone, everything, everywhere and all the time”. I think it was Secretary Jia Ruisheng’s reminder to the cadres of the Competition Show District that they should work hard every moment and every task of the district Committee and the district government, and complete every task well in every detail.If cadres can set an example and treat everything under their jurisdiction seriously, the work in their jurisdiction must be good and satisfying to the people.Jia Ruisheng pointed out that the renovation of old residential areas is one of the 20 practical matters concerning the people’s livelihood of the province, the city and the district in 2022. It is an innovative measure to build baoding city into a modern quality life city. It is also a key step to accelerate the “competition” and show the new appearance level.He also stressed that we should look back at the “past tense”, recognize the situation and sum up experience before setting out.The transformation of old residential areas is the “military warrant” of the whole district to the establishment of modern quality life in the city.Recognizing that this is a “must answer” for the district to create a livable environment for the people, to improve safety, comfort, convenience, high standard of living environment and high quality of life experience for the people;We recognize that this is the acceleration of all Party members and officials to learn from previous experiences, innovate and improve from previous experience, break new ground in terms of mechanisms, make great efforts in supervision, and do a good job in high-quality control of the whole process.Closely around the “two years to complete the task in one year” goal, to “everyone, everything, everywhere, always” to high quality concept, to ensure the realization of the “four major” goals.In addition to the macro level, Jia Ruisheng put forward 6 specific implementation plans for the reconstruction of old residential areas this year: 1, we should focus on the “present”, and consider the “long-term”.Want to combine to create the national civilized city, national sanitary city, children’s friendly city, and the city “new level” appearance, parking equipment to build in the key tasks, such as high standard to build 30 minutes, 15 minutes life circle, fitness, leisure, circle, deepen the digital construction of baoding, baoding wisdom, accelerate the 5 g network construction, promote the minimum management unit digital;2. We should not only do a good job in “new construction”, but also preserve “history”.Adjust measures to local conditions, realize the “old” and “new” complementary advantages, promote each other, overall promotion;We should not only pay attention to “face”, but also build a “lining”.We will build above-ground buildings and road facilities with high standards, build multi-dimensional parking garages, charging piles and other supporting facilities, build comprehensive pipeline networks with high standards, and ensure that water, electricity, gas and heat pipelines are properly managed at one time.3, we should not only pay attention to the “whole”, but also highlight the “characteristics”.Combined with the construction of model roads and the comprehensive improvement of back streets and alleys, we will focus on creating a number of new landscapes with distinctive features, so that every old residential area will become an Internet celebrity.We should not only accelerate the speed but also ensure the quality.The “real-time quality assurance” of the project is implemented by using the characteristic supervision mode of “professional supervision + social supervision + mass supervision”.5. Both the “government” and the “masses” should be mobilized.We should fully express the concept and requirements of “building a people’s city for the people, and building a good city for the people”, give full play to the role of community-level Party organizations as fortresses and party members as pioneers and models, and guide the people to identify with, support, cooperate with, and participate in the transformation;We should not only pay attention to “construction”, but also consider “management”.The “six-in-one” service mechanism of community party organization, neighborhood committee, industry committee, property enterprise, building head and comprehensive service station should be comprehensively constructed to realize the unification of economic and social benefits of property management.At the end of jia ruisheng’s speech, he also stressed that we should focus on “completion” and take multiple measures to continuously strengthen job security.To build the strongest organizational system, district-level leaders should not only take charge of the leadership, but also go to war, take precise measures in planning and deployment, and personally handle and manage important issues and key links.All the key teams should be in place quickly, with time and judgment, daily summary and scheduling to ensure the smooth transformation;To play the strongest propaganda horn, to achieve “online + offline” all-round, no dead corner publicity reports, take the initiative to respond to social concerns, resolve the hidden dangers of letters and visits;To form the strongest supervision force, the relevant departments give full play to the role of supervision, supervision and inspection to force the implementation of responsibility, follow up and ask for results.Remember the key words: district-level leaders should not only take charge of the leadership, but also go to war, take precise measures in planning and deployment, and personally handle and manage important issues and key links.By supervision to force the implementation of responsibility, tracking the effect.This year competition show area of the work district level leaders will participate in, but also with supervision to force the implementation of responsibility, tracking the effect!!Liu Xiangwei, head of Jingxiu District, mentioned in his speech that 194 old residential areas should be transformed into high-quality projects, model projects and benchmark projects, and the selected 4 high-quality residential areas should be made into high-quality products among them.To stick to the bottom line of honesty, to ensure that the old residential renovation project into a clean project!!At the meeting, Lu Zhigang, deputy district head, read out the “2022 Baoding Jingxiu District old community Renovation Year activity plan”.Their unit has all the district leadership, OuZhi relevant departments responsible for comrade, area live built bureau, enforcement and comrade in charge is responsible for the main, the relevant departments shall be responsible for comrade, countryside (town), the street party and government is mainly responsible for comrade, Fulbright township and five street team members, involving the old village transformation community secretary, as well as power supply, heat supply, water supply, gas, communication, etc., head of the enterprise.I am baoding micro comment, efforts to bring you the latest local information every day!