Innovation guarantee company won the province 2021 annual multiple commendations

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Xi ‘an Innovation Financing Guarantee Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Innovation Guarantee”) won two honors of “Advanced Unit” and “Outstanding Contribution Award for supporting Small farmers”, and the deputy general manager of the company Pan Yin won the title of “Advanced Worker”.Innovation Guarantee is a government financing guarantee company established in the high-tech Zone, aiming to play the role of the government to enhance credit, solve the problem of financing difficulty and high cost for small and micro enterprises in the region, and serve the development of the real economy.In 2021, under the leadership of the xi ‘an Gao Xinjin control group, the innovation guarantee policy oriented, surrounding the construction of “four high”, in-depth implementation of provincial, city and high-tech zone to support the requirements of the small micro financing policy, actively cooperate with the provincial financing guarantee system, deepen reform, enlarge the coverage of financial innovation, service entity economy healthy development,Business indicators always maintain the forefront of the province.First, the effects of our policies are fully visible.The guarantee amount of small, micro, agriculture, rural areas and farmers and the proportion of the guarantee amount of small, micro, agriculture, rural areas and farmers under 5 million reached the national policy requirements respectively, and successfully completed the policy indicators issued by the National Guarantee fund;We thoroughly implemented the policy of cutting fees and transferring profits, and paid over 3 million yuan in premiums to enterprises for the whole year.Second, the scale of business has increased rapidly.The guaranteed scale has increased by 40%, and the magnification ratio has broken through 6 times, ranking the forefront of the province, and effectively playing the leading and magnifying role of financial funds.Third, batch business speed up the momentum.Established “head to head” batch guarantee cooperation with 4 banks, and the business scale exceeded 600 million yuan.Fourth, the product system is constantly optimized.Innovative development of “supply chain finance” and other new products in line with market demand, further optimize the product system of “inclusive finance” + “technology finance” to cover the financing needs of diversified small and micro entities.The relevant person in charge of the company, said the next step will be to “innovative financial services, accelerate the emerging industry” as our mission, to further develop a firm faith, stick to the policy direction, development strength, with a small micro enterprise to serve “three agriculture” development of the real economy, such as responsibility, constantly explore the path and the channels of diversified financing service, better give play to the role of good government financing guarantee system,We will make new and greater contributions to the construction of the “four high and new technologies”.(Shaanxi Bureau of China Daily)