“Life is An Attitude”

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“Life is an attitude, attitude is a kind of ability, a kind of quality, a habit, a way of thinking, the right attitude produces positive results, the wrong attitude produces negative results, people can not change the past, but can change the present;People can not change others, but can change their own;You can’t change your environment, but you can change your attitude.””The height of the goal determines the height of life. If a person loses his goal, he will lose his direction and become a Philistine wandering in place.The goals of life are divided into different sizes. Some people say that goals are faith when they look up, consciousness when they look down, ambition when they look far, ambition when they look close and responsibility when they look inward.That is to say, any great goal, until it is implanted in your mind and becomes a practical plan and responsibility, is just pie in the sky and has no real meaning.You can only achieve your goals by taking concrete actions.””The biggest goal in life is the ideal.Positive people, must have lofty ideals, ideal is the sun of life.A person with lofty ideals, usually also have a persistent attitude and action.He will not give up his ambition for the sake of temporary comfort.””In their hands, they all have a telescope to look at the front of life.People who have goals are more explosive and produce better results than those who are passive.A goal is a good wish acquired by people after deep thinking. It has firmness and stability. Once formed, it is difficult to change.Therefore, purpose can bring out the potential of life, make people can endure physical and mental torture and pain, make people erupt great courage and energy.Different goals lead to different mindsets and different emotions lead to different behaviors, so establishing the right, strong goals can make your life full and meaningful.”Life is An Attitude “This book is a valuable guide to life. It improves your perspective on life, helps you define and improve your life orientation, and puts you in a more positive attitude towards your friends, family, work and yourself towards success.”Original title: “Life is An Attitude”