No. 1 Central Document, focus on agriculture, rural areas and Farmers in 2022

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The no. 1 Central Document for 2022 was officially released on Tuesday.Since 2004, China has issued the no.1 central document on agriculture, rural areas and farmers for 19 consecutive years.This year’s document calls for a firm adherence to the two bottom lines of “ensuring national food security and preventing large-scale poverty reduction.”With 1.4 billion jobs at stake, what should we do this year?What is the key to rural revitalization?Common concern: No. 1 Central document, focus on agriculture, rural areas and farmers in 2022!How to defend the bottom line that does not happen scale to return to poverty?Wang Sangui, Professor of The School of Agriculture and Rural Development, Renmin University of China, and President of the China Institute of Poverty Alleviation:We realize out of poverty through eight years of time, and make all the rural poor out of poverty, we are in the form of battle, spent a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, such a “battle” to make all our people out of poverty, cannot say poverty engines is complete, we will not value, no matter.It is inevitable that some families may fall back into poverty in the event of natural and man-made disasters.But what we need to do now is to detect the risk of falling back into poverty in a timely manner, and follow up policies to help, just like the current dynamic elimination of the epidemic, so as to ensure the dynamic elimination of the number of people falling back into poverty. This is our bottom line.What is the biggest challenge in achieving the grain output target of over 500 million metric tons?Wang Sangui, professor of The School of Agriculture and Rural Development, Renmin University of China and President of the China Institute of Poverty Alleviation: China is a big country with 1.4 billion people. Food is very important for social stability and economic development. We must solve the food problem ourselves.As a matter of fact, China’s resources have a great constraint on grain production, because the area of arable land is not very large, and a lot of arable land will be occupied in the process of urbanization.Last year, there were a lot of natural disasters. One third of the autumn grain was sown late, which not only affected the autumn grain, but also the summer grain, because late sowing may delay the harvest and further affect the summer grain production.In fact, the prices of many chemical fertilizers and agricultural materials have risen a lot. Farmers feel that they do not get much benefit from farming, so their enthusiasm is not high.If these problems are not solved properly, they will seriously affect food production, and if food output is not guaranteed, food security will be affected.In order to achieve the goal of keeping grain output stable at 500 million metric tons this year, we must stabilize or, preferably, increase grain output under the condition that the area of cultivated land cannot be greatly increased.Stable output, 1, need technical progress.Farmers should be enthusiastic and willing to plant.3. Disaster reduction and prevention.Therefore, a series of comprehensive measures must be taken to achieve the goal.What does it mean for farmers to “vigorously develop industries to enrich the people in counties” and “strengthen the overall planning of basic public services in counties”?Wang Sangui, professor of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development at Renmin University of China and president of the China Institute of Poverty Alleviation, said: “To develop industries to enrich the people at county level, an important goal is to transfer industries that can provide employment opportunities for farmers from large and medium-sized cities to small and medium-sized cities, especially at county level.This has great advantages, the farmer can work nearby, he also needs to stay with his family.With such industries, but also an important support for county economic development, rural revitalization has a foundation.In addition, public services play an important role in the lives of rural residents. Special emphasis is being placed on integrated development between urban and rural areas. Basic public services, such as schooling, medical care and public transportation, should be equalized.Source: CCTV news client