Xu Hui Yongsheng Service Luo Xinguo: To maintain service quality is the first premise of development

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Editor’s note: They continue to build communities, they stand the first line of defense against the epidemic, they protect the owners of a better life.Leju finance linked 100 cities across the country, launched “Insight” character series “Dialogue with property owners”, together listen to their stories about their care for a better life.The guest of this session: Mr. Luo Xinguo, Vice President of Xuhui Yongsheng Service Group and President of Jiangsu Regional Business Division.Writing | Huang Fan interview | | sand lele photography Hu Heng product | music house finance did not see its person, hear about it first.Luo arrived 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, but before he entered the office, he was talking to the staff about his work, his voice loud and his decision quick, and the three or four staff around him quickly left satisfied.It is hard to imagine that he got up at 4:00 in the morning and drove more than 300 kilometers from Huai ‘an back to Suzhou.The day before, he went to Huai ‘an to deal with some business related to the company.In his office, in addition to the daily guest sofa, there is also a small meeting space. The most conspicuous position on the wall is the target responsibility book of Jiangsu Regional Business Division of Xuhui Yongsheng Service in 2021, with detailed and clear indicators.Luo Xinguo, a decisive leader, comes from Dabie Mountain area, Lu ‘an, Anhui province, a famous old revolutionary base area in China. His revolutionary spirit of simplicity and courage has become the basic color on his way forward.Years later, luo’s military career had an equally profound impact. When he recalls the process, he still feels deeply.”The army is a melting pot,” he said. “It’s easy for people to grow up.At the same time, the army is also an organization with strict discipline and excellent style, especially in the execution, the requirements are very high, which has a great impact on my later entry into the property industry.”It is these experiences that have trained Luo Xinguo’s character.Under his leadership, Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu regional Business unit team constantly upgrading, after years of development, has become a “attack bike, battle will win” Yongsheng iron army.In the year of 2021, many projects of Xuhui Yongsheng service have been listed on the list of jiangsu Province and municipal Demonstration management projects, and Luo Xinguo has also been awarded the title of “top 100 Property Managers in China in 2021”.Having been in the property management industry for 16 years, Luo Xinguo has led his team to achieve many achievements with rich practical experience and management experience.This year is the ninth year that Luo Xinguo has been working for Xuhui Yongsheng.Looking back on his career, one thing stands out for him.2015 is the year when Xuhui Yongsheng service officially entered the market.In the same year, Luo xinguo’s team successfully won the bidding of Zhuyuan Road Innovation Park in Suzhou High-tech Zone, which became the first external project of Xuhui Yongsheng service in China, which was highly appraised by the group.This was the first market-oriented bidding project luo participated in, and he did the whole bidding process by himself, which became a habit and perseverance of his work in the future.In 2021, Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu Regional Business Division once again achieved a double breakthrough of quality and scale, Luo Xinguo highlighted several highlights.In terms of smart residential areas, Suzhou Boyue Xi Lake, as one of the pilot projects of Smart residential areas served by Xuhui Yongsheng, accepted the investigation led by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China in October 2021, and won the title of benchmark project of Smart Property from 2020 to 2021.In this regard, Luo Xinguo proudly introduced to us that Boyuexi Lake uses the own ecosystem of Xuhui Yongsheng service, with technical support provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary “Linjiu Technology”.In addition, at the centennial of the founding of the Party, Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu Regional Division will also put more energy into the party building work and people’s livelihood services, such as building a property service brand “Hui Xiaole” with Wuxi Huishan District, to provide old community reconstruction services;And closely follow the pace of new rural construction, to undertake a number of rural reconstruction projects.”We hope to radiate our imagination of a better life to rural residents,” Luo said.In terms of scale, Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu Regional Business Division also made a great breakthrough in 2021.The company has expanded into Yancheng, Huai ‘an, Lianyungang and other cities, and in these first cities, Xuhui Yongsheng service has been recognized by customers, peers and government departments.Luo xinguo said that in the next 2-3 years, the company will continue to deeply cultivate in these first cities, while expanding the scale to achieve benign and long-term development.The company in the scale and reputation of rapid progress on the road, can not do without the efforts of the team.Luo Xinguo has his own understanding of how to build a high-quality service team.In Luo xinguo’s office, there are many photos, some of them are personal, some of them are family members, but most of them are with company associates.”People are very important to us,” Mr. Luo said several times.One person may go fast, but a group of people will go farther. This is one of the corporate cultures of Xuhui Group, which is also deeply branded in the hearts of every xuhui yongsheng staff.Xu hui YongSheng service of jiangsu regional division has always advocated “family culture”, the company through training, teaching, evaluation and so on multi-dimensional way to train the ability of professional service team, through the team members, to xu hui YongSheng service standard to the ground in each project, deepen the team for the mission to “build a better life” of cognition and identification.In the office, you can also see some of the equipment Mr. Luo uses to work out, a habit he developed as a soldier and a sign of his self-discipline.In his opinion, as a professional manager, it is difficult to balance the relationship between family and work completely at the present stage, and now is the best time for property owners to struggle, he is willing to treat the company as a writer, colleagues and partners as family.No satisfaction, no business quality is the key word of enterprise vitality in 2021, is also the thirteenth year of the development of Xuhui Yongsheng service in Jiangsu region.Since its establishment in Jiangsu in 2008, Jiangsu region has become a large-scale area within The service of Xuhui Yongsheng. The company’s service territory covers the whole jiangsu province and part of Anhui Province, settling in 23 cities in total, signing more than 200 projects, signing an area of more than 40 million square meters, and serving more than 300,000 owners.In terms of business formats, the company has been closely following the footsteps of the Group, constantly exploring and integrating service resources. Currently, the company has achieved full coverage of ten business formats, including residential, commercial, school and hospital. In this process, it has also created provincial and municipal demonstration projects, such as Boyue Mansion, Boyue Xi Lake and Tiandu Mansion.Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu regional Business Division can achieve the current results, ultimately depends on the “quality” two words.”No satisfaction, no business.”This is a golden sentence of Zhou Hongbin, president and executive director of Xuhui Yongsheng Service, and it is also one of the working principles that Xuhui Yongsheng service always adheres to.”Corporate brand and industry reputation are the cornerstone of long-term development. Nothing is more important to us than fulfilling service promises and obtaining customer satisfaction, so maintaining service quality is the first prerequisite for our development,” luo said.Similarly, it is also the quality that makes Xuhui Yongsheng service become a “top student” in the property management industry.2021 marks the third anniversary of the listing of Asahi Yongsheng Service.In the past three years, Xuhui Yongsheng service has been steadily moving forward according to the established strategic goal of “10 times in 5 years”. From the results, the group has moved from a single basic property service to a diversified city service, entering into more than 110 cities nationwide, expanding its management area by nearly 4 times and serving more than 1.5 million owners.At the same time, compared with other listed enterprises, Xuhui Yongsheng service also showed its own distinctive characteristics.First, strategically.Xuhui Yongsheng services and Xuhui Group in the strategic continuity, the company for the development of a clear long-term goals and short-term path to achieve, always adhere to long-term development, steady development.Second, in the service.Xuhui Yongsheng service to create a proprietary “three full service system”, constantly explore the new mode of property service, for the owners to provide “worry, rest assured, happy” service experience, has been awarded ISO9001 quality management system certification and other certification.In particular, in the past two years, the epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the development of the property industry, and different enterprises are facing radically different living environments.Now, stepping into the post-epidemic era, where will the property management industry go in the future, and how will Xuhui Yongsheng Service deal with it?Luo Xinguo once again expressed confidence in the service of Xuhui Yongsheng.In his opinion, the epidemic is a double-edged sword for property enterprises: “At present, the epidemic will continue to normalize, rain or shine is the state, but our mentality.Facing the future, we must maintain the “satisfaction + surprise” high-quality service, this is our commitment to customers, is also our attitude to the market.In addition to his daily work, Luo also holds the posts of vice president of Suzhou Property Association and judge of Suzhou Property Industry. He and his team have been actively involved in the management experience and methods of Xuhui Yongsheng service to share with peers.Similarly, Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu Regional Division has been actively practicing its social responsibilities for many years, such as joining the Disabled Alliance, actively serving the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, gathering the strength of property owners, and delivering more powerful positive energy for social development.The following is a selection of the dialogue between LeJu Finance and Mr. Luo Xinguo: Leju Finance: Could you please introduce the current development status of Jiangsu Regional Business Unit of Xuhui Yongsheng Service?LuoXin countries: jiangsu area is xu hui YongSheng service its relatively large size of a region, from 2008 to now for more than ten years, we have service territory covering parts across to jiangsu and anhui, combined in 23 cities, more than 200 projects signed a contract, contract area reached 40 million square meters, more than 300000 owners bring high-quality service.In terms of business formats, we follow the footsteps of the group and constantly explore and integrate service resources. At present, we have achieved full coverage of ten business formats, including residential, commercial, school and hospital. In this process, we have also created provincial and municipal demonstration projects, such as Boyue Mansion, Boyue Xi Lake and Tiandu Mansion.Leju Finance: What breakthroughs did Xuhui Yongsheng Service Jiangsu Regional Business Division make in 2021?LuoXin countries:First of all, to coincide with the founding in one hundred, we invested a lot of energy on the party construction work, in addition to the atmosphere build on some of the original project, and also no XiHui mountains together to build the local brand “HuiXiaoLe” property services, continue to provide hui mountain old village transformation services, in addition we keep up with the pace of the new rural construction, undertake some rural reform project,To the vast rural residents to convey our vision of a better life.Secondly, good progress has also been made in the construction of smart residential areas. Suzhou Boyuexihu Lake, as one of the pilot projects of Asahi Smart Residential Areas, accepted the investigation led by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in October, and won the title of “2020-2021 Smart Property Benchmark Project” selected by industry media shortly thereafter.Boyuexihu adopts the ecosystem of Xuhui Yongsheng, which is supported by Linjiu Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xuhui Yongsheng, and provides users with integrated solutions of “software + hardware” with more than 100 patents.Leju finance: in recent years, people pay more and more attention to property service, how do you create a high-quality service team?Luo Xinguo: People are always very important to us. On the one hand, it includes the professional level of our staff, on the other hand, it also includes the team’s recognition of Yongsheng corporate culture and our mission of “building a better life with heart”.In addition, “no satisfaction, no business”, corporate brand and industry reputation is very important to us, which is the cornerstone of our long-term development.For us, nothing is more important than to achieve service commitment and obtain customer satisfaction, so maintaining service quality is the first premise of our development.Leju Finance: The epidemic is a double-edged sword for the property management industry. How do you think of property services in the post-epidemic era?LuoXin countries:For now, normalized may have been an epidemic will continue, this means that there is wind have rain is the norm, trials and hardships is a state, but rain or shine is our point of view, as in xu hui, chairman of the forest of xu hui YongSheng services in recent remarks, facing the future, we must keep “satisfaction + surprising” high quality service, heart customers,Face up to competition, dare to challenge, adhere to evolution, continuous progress.This is our commitment to customers, but also our attitude towards the market.