Epidemic prevention construction is not wrong!Key projects in Lanzhou Yuzhong County press the “fast forward button”

2022-05-30 0 By

China economic review, development network – China Jin-cheng zhou reporter from report In the face of the sudden outbreak, lanzhou YuZhong construction group adhere to the principle of epidemic prevention and control and project construction two not mistake, highlight key, balanced and both tight epidemic prevention and control of the string, horsepower, and ensure that the project construction to press the key project construction “accelerators.The reporter recently interviewed in the Yuzhong Education Park project site to see that the construction personnel with nucleic acid test negative certificate, temperature measurement, verification “double code”, into the site to carry out construction operations in an orderly way, to promote the progress of the project.It is understood that the total investment of the education park project is 430 million yuan, and the project has completed 35 million yuan of output value since the resumption of work on February 28. The overall project has entered the final stage of landscaping and interior decoration, and is scheduled to be delivered at the end of June.At the same time, there is also the relocation project of Yuzhong County Hospital, which has completed an output value of 26 million yuan since the resumption of work on February 28.The project has a total investment of 1.06 billion yuan, with a planned land area of 132 mu and a total construction area of 119,800 square meters. After completion, 1000 beds can be added, effectively improving the ability and level of medical services in the county, and realizing the medical reform target of “90% patients will not get out of the county”.In Yuzhong Lijiazhuang shanty reform project (phase ii) site reporters see, the construction personnel are in full swing for the main construction, it is understood that the project since March 1 resume, has completed two main structure construction, is expected to achieve the project at the end of September to complete the top.It is reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Yuzhong County urged the entrance and exit of the project site to strengthen disinfection and epidemic prevention, strengthen access management, actively implement nucleic acid testing for all staff, do a good job of the relevant epidemic prevention and control ledger.The project site should be stocked with masks, disinfectants, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention and control products, and banners and billboards should be posted at prominent locations.At the same time, Yuzhong Jiantou Investment Group also set up a special team to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control work and coordinate to solve various problems in the project promotion.YuZhong construction group chief engineer ZhongHao said: “great project for construction industry and construction personnel more, we are in strict accordance with the” one project one policy ‘epidemic prevention and control work plan and emergency plan, to do the timely and effective prevention measures, various construction links and orderly, build a construction site epidemic prevention and control.”