Novel: a “spare ribs” caused farce

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Mr. Wang is the whole factory, technical backbone, serious and responsible work, but is stubborn temper, then found unreasonable in the outspoken and looking for leadership, and old, workers in the good word of mouth, the successive leadership of Mr. Wang in the factory is “comity three points,” inside the factory met Lao wang shifu is to hide, hide, afraid of what this Lao wang raises thorny issue,Put yourself out there.But a few days ago master Wang suddenly suffered from hypertension in hospital, with the workshop workers, apprentices have come to the hospital to visit, in the face of the workers and apprentices to visit, Master Wang helplessly told the truth……The original last month one day at noon wang master factory in the canteen to eat, noon that day there is a dish is braised ribs, Wang master also played a, is ready to eat it, suddenly heard next to someone chanting: “the ribs taste wrong ah!Is it broken?”Master Wang listened, carefully tasted a good look of braised ribs, can not help frowning, the most of the ribs spit out, with Lao Wang years of cooking experience at home, the ribs must be bad.Other colleagues who ate sparerbs are still talking at the same time, Lao Wang master is not used to trouble, directly carrying sparerbs to find the canteen manager Fan Chef way: “Fan chef, you tasted no, this sparerbs taste wrong!”When Chef Fan saw Master Wang come over to ask, he was also a little panicked, but he kept his mouth shut: “Brother Wang, there must be no problem. Maybe the cooking is wrong, but the decision is good.”Said while picked up a spareribs with relish to eat up.Master Wang saw chef Fan in this quiver, the fire came up, a push away chef Fan, toward the kitchen, chef Fan a surprise will go to block, then a few other workers who ate ribs also came over, stopped chef Fan, and Master Wang together into the kitchen to find out.”Ribs incident” as a result, Mr. Wang and several workers in the kitchen freezer found a pile of 3 without the zombie pork ribs, if not someone block, van der chef also nearly beaten, but van der chef was punished, factory to him, canceled the van chef’s right to contract the canteen, bidding to replace the canteen manager again.”Sparerbs incident” in the past not long on a Saturday, Master Wang went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and happened to meet chef Fan at the meat stall. Master Wang thought: I have a clear conscience, see this unconscionable also do not need to hide, also afraid of his revenge in broad daylight.But what I didn’t expect was chef Fan’s friendly greeting: “Brother Wang, also come to sell meat!”When Lao Wang saw Chef Fan’s attitude, he was also confused. He was blunt and said, “Well, why?You don’t hate me? ‘Chef Fan looked around and smiled sadly. “Brother Wang, I need a word.”With that, the two of them came to the side, and Chef Fan said what was in his heart, which was why Mr. Wang’s blood pressure had risen.Originally van der chef is the previous director cao, the relationship between current Liu Changchang after taking office van chef walking is also trying to get through, but Liu Changchang necessities are not into, attitude has also not clear, relationship also failed to further, once every courtier, when van der chef would know I do not long, see his cash cow to didn’t, so the fan chefs often drink down for a period of time,As a chef of an old dining room cover the means of zombie spareribs flavour or some, coincidentally that day fan chef drink a bit more, spareribs is apprentice do, did not do well, the result was eaten by everyone came out, then the factory is wearing this lead, the dining room’s contract right is a natural change Lord.From fan chef this old master Wang still understands, contract now the li chef of the canteen in the factory is the brother-in-law of liu factory director, but the dining hall contract power that the somebody else is bid obtains, although be related to old story with big leader, but bid invitation program accords with a regulation, who also cannot say what come!At the same time fan chef also advised Master Wang to eat less meat in the canteen, eat more vegetarian, but also do not hit the idea of kitchen ingredients, although Fan chef and Chef Li’s food suppliers are zhang deputy director’s brother, but after the “sparerib incident”, now that group of people in the packaging also made an article.Understand the chain of events, Mr. Wang also don’t know how he is back home, go home after more think more wrong, yourself this time, you still have to continue to eat ribs “zombie”, also fulfill the “democracy”, this help a vampire in its form, hot pot according to eat songs, as everyone still eat less than trust of food, what is to be a good thing or a bad thing.Thinking about thinking about, blood pressure up, two eyes a black faint, thanks to the family was sent to the hospital in time.Soon after, Lao wang shifu rehabilitation was released from the hospital, but love work master Lao wang didn’t back to the factory, because Lao wang teacher no longer willing to go to the dining hall, so more than a year to deal with retire ahead of schedule, after the retirement of Lao wang teacher travel, flowers, grandchildren at ordinary times, also is very happy, fly in the ointment is master Lao wang home never seen ribs on your kitchen table.PS: life is a lot of helpless, there are also a lot of powerless, but no matter when, I hope our hearts can be as hot as the sun, enjoy the good life!Thank you for your likes, attention and favorites!Thanks for your support!