Wuhan real estate market sold 240,000 suites a year, Wuhan housing prices are still falling why?

2022-05-30 0 By

Wuhan property market during the Spring Festival is not too hot, it seems that those landlords in Wuhan for Wuhan housing price confidence index is not high, it seems that many people know that in December 2021, wuhan new house sold out nearly 30,000 sets, is sold out by what.Wuhan real estate market in 2021 supplies a total of 255,055 new homes, the result of selling 238,096, although that is, supply exceeds demand, but also can see how strong the purchasing power of wuhan real estate.Nearly 240,000 new homes are sold a year.In 2021, with the cooling of land auctions across the country, Wuhan actually sold more land than before. In 2021, there were 235 residential land supplies in Wuhan, an increase of 10.28% compared with 2020, which means that the supply of new houses in Wuhan in 2022 will be more than that in 2021.Wuhan real estate market in November the number of inventory of new houses was about to break through 200,000 sets, the results of Wuhan December trading volume increased, so leading to wuhan new house inventory by the end of December, became more than 195,000 sets, failed to break through 200,000 sets.In fact, wuhan property market in this situation, housing prices have no power to rise.Whether new or used, the supply is terrible.In 2021, wuhan can sell so many new houses, relying on price selling.In 2022, Wuhan’s new home market will be more internal.Wuhan property market Indian Summer or there will be, but the overall heat will not be too high.# Wuhan ## Wuhan headlines ## Wuhan news ## Wuhan news ## Wuhan around things #