5 kinds of “Chinese New Year flowers”, each is more beautiful than the last, but each is more difficult to keep, do not challenge it

2022-05-31 0 By

Many people like to buy some flowers for the holiday, to increase the festive atmosphere of the New Year’s day home, relatives and friends to come to the house when the New Year and I can see flowers and plants, but many netizens found that buy the flower was a very beautiful home, but raising flowers fade after a period of time, and then die away, great pity, this belongs to hard to flowers, I give you the following five are summed up.First, daffodil although daffodil flowers are beautiful and fragrant, they are very difficult to keep.Even though it can bloom if it is kept in water, it does not need to be fertilized or replaced with soil, but it is basically useless after flowering. Most people buy it every year and throw it away every year. Few people can keep it until the second or third year.Second, orchids orchids are all flowers when they are bought home, but the speed of flowers fading is also very fast, basically every other half a month or so bi This fading light, followed by a period of time on the emergence of leaf wilt, and finally especially easy to die seedlings.Orchids are known for their delicate nature. They are afraid of drying, cold and fertilization, and are particularly difficult to serve.Third, the rich rich rich red fruit is particularly festive, buy home after the meaning of more children and more happiness, very suitable for the young couple just married to keep a pot, but this plant is too difficult to raise.You can still enjoy the fruit after you buy it the first year, but if you continue to keep it, you will surely find that it will not bear any fruit in the second year, or only have a few scattered fruits, which are not pretty at all.Fourth, anthurium anthurium is really beautiful when it is bought home. The red flowers make people feel like having a Chinese New Year atmosphere, but the flowers are easy to turn yellow and the leaves gradually wither when they are bought home. It is easy to raise it and die.Because anthurium is a tropical plant, it is very afraid of cold, and afraid of drying, and can not water, and like the sun, in fact, it is not easy to raise it.Fifth, kumquat kumquat potted plant is very beautiful, buy a home with the fruit, golden is very good-looking, but many people find a fruit or dry after a period of time, or to drop the large area, decisive time it would be easy to keep death, even if it on the next year, or not as a result, little not good-looking, or results in general is not good to keep.