District CPPCC Party history study education thematic democratic life will be held

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January 28, the district CPPCC Party secretary, chairman Tian Liyue presided over the district CPPCC Party history study education thematic democratic life.At the meeting, yue Linhua, deputy secretary of the District CPPCC Party Group and executive vice chairman, informed the district CPPCC Party group 2020 democratic life rectification task implementation and the democratic life to solicit opinions.Tian Liyue on behalf of the district CPPCC party group for control inspection, then, team members for personal control inspection, and carry out mutual criticism.Tian Liyue pointed out: first, to set an example of a firm political stance.To adhere to defend “the two established”, determined to do “two maintenance” as the most strong political position, the firm political belief, the most important practical requirements, time does not forget “politically” first Beijing’s request, always tell the politics as the first requirement, ideological political action is always with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core remain highly consistent.Second, we should set an example of strengthening theoretical study.We will continue to take The study of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Party’s latest scientific theory, as a compulsory course, continue to consolidate and deepen the achievements in the study and education of Party history, encourage all CPPCC members and government officials to carry on the red gene and blood, and further strengthen their ideals, beliefs, and sense of responsibility.Third, we must set a good example for the rectification and implementation.We should take the initiative to claim and accept all the opinions and problems we have asked for. We should do a good job of rectification with a spirit of nails and a serious attitude, further improve the effectiveness of consultation and deliberation, and contribute to regional affairs such as ensuring the preparation for the Winter Olympics and building the West Gate of the capital city.Fourth, we need to set an example in earnestly implementing our primary responsibility for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party.We should take the lead in strictly observing the Party’s political discipline and rules, implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions, and the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee. We should take the lead in implementing democratic centralism, and maintaining the political integrity of diligent and honest administration. We should do a good job of overseeing and governing the Party in the departments in charge of the party, so as to ensure that the principal responsibility for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party is fulfilled.District leaders Chen Tingting, Ge Qiang, district CPPCC secretary General Cheng Bojing attended the meeting.Source: Shijingshan Rong Media Center reporter Zhang Haichao wang Yuanying Yu Huiying Editor: Shijingshan Rong Media Center Wang Tingting