On a night of disaster, Tuchel’s tactical error and goalkeeper’s play with fire, Chelsea lost 3-1 to Real Madrid and are in the last four

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Beijing time this morning, Chelsea and Real Madrid at home match.It was also one of the most intriguing champions League quarter-finals.The Blues have kept clean sheets in their past five Champions League home games, including a 2-0 semi-final win over Real Madrid last season.Real Madrid have only managed two draws and three defeats in their last five trips to England.Perhaps it is these historical factors that give Tuchel great confidence.Against Real Madrid this game, the German coach laid out a 3421 formation, 3 central defenders Ruediger, sister-in-law, christensen lined up from left to right, the first two wing backs were AZ and James.One of Chelsea’s strengths was strength and intensity. From the start, the team was in a desperate position to get up front, including right-back James, who made it difficult to get back quickly at times.One of the problems with this was that the blues were empty at the back and, if Real did break down the blues’ centre and front, centre-back kristensen would be passive on his side.Coincidentally, Real Madrid’s strength was in their midfield and high – speed counter-attacks down the left.Ancelotti’s 4-3-3 formation, with midfielder Valverde on the right wing, made three tackles, one interception and two clearances to ease the pressure on Carvalhal.And valverde himself is a good passer, he sent two dangerous passes, many times Real Madrid attack from the right, left finish, the blues behind unprepared.Real regained their pace in the third minute, then went on the offensive against Chelsea and the tempo soared.In the 4th minute, Kanter stole the ball from the midfield and finished a long ball over the top. Hafferts cut inside the box and finished over the crossbar.Madrid were more efficient on the counter-attack in the 10th minute with a quick attack from the right, where Valverde stole the ball, benzema crossed with a heel and the Uruguayan converted a superb diagonal pass. Vinicius crossed a man on the left side of the box and hit the crossbar.In the 20th minute, Real made another quick attack, vinicius and Karim Benzema hitting the wall to cross from the left side of the penalty area. Benzema headed home from the centre to put Real 1-0 up.James had just stepped back into the penalty area when the French striker opened the scoring.Just three minutes later, Real caught Chelsea by surprise again, attacking quickly from the right, modric’s 45-degree cross from the right was headed home by Karim Benzema to make it 2-0.James wasn’t even in his own penalty area when Benzema scored.After 26 minutes, Madrid had three shots on target, while the Blues had only one.Chelsea’s only shot hit the woodwork in the 13th minute when James forced courtois into a flying save from a free-kick in front.That wasn’t all. In the 31st minute, James dropped his defender on the right and lobbed to the back of the penalty area, but no one touched the ball. In a moment, Real attacked quickly from the right, valverde crossed, Carvaljal’s shot from the small area forced Mendy to make a save and Christensen’s line cleared.Chelsea repeatedly tried to close down Real Madrid up front, but the latter’s quick counter-attacks left the former terrified.If this continues, time will be against the Blues, who are playing at home.The blues came back in the 39th minute when Jose Mourinho crossed and Hufferts headed home 2-1 at the risk of being kicked in the head by Carvalhal.Not long after the blues had opened the scoring, Real hit back again with a quick counter-attack. Modric made a nice diagonal tap from the right, mendi tapped in from the left and Karim benzema’s shot narrowly missed if Jiri failed to clear.Had it gone in, the home game and possibly the knockout round would have ended for the Blues.At half time, the blues were down 1:2.The two teams were almost evenly split in possession in the first half (52 per cent to 48 per cent) and the Blues were 8-7 ahead in shots on goal (2-4) and shots from the penalty area (4-6).Real’s three missed shots included Mendy’s midline and Karim Benzema’s 42nd minute miss.It was clear that Tuchel’s tactics in the first half were not successful.After the break, the German coach made a tactical change, even two changes, the team formation also changed to a four-back formation.But just 46 seconds into the second half, just as the players were getting used to their new formation, the Blues suffered another blow when mendy’s pass to Ruediger was too soft and the alert Karim Benzema made a tackle and tapped into an open net.Real Madrid in the second half of a total of only 1 shot, then scored a goal.The Blues’ new formation had not even started to take off.Down 3-1 at home, the blues unleashed a torrent of attacks on Real Madrid in the next 49 minutes, scoring 12 shots in the second half, four more than Real had in the whole game.Including when Militang went off injured in the 63rd minute, Tuchel immediately replaced Lukaku ready to lob.In the first half he had two good chances in just five minutes, but missed them both, especially in the 69th minute when Lukaku was completely unmarked from the back of the box.Having missed the chance, his teammates seemed to have little faith in the Belgian and the team switched to attacking on the ground, which is exactly what Nacho, who replaced Militang, is good at.For the next 15 minutes, Chelsea never threatened Courtois’s goal, apart from Munter’s shot just over the bar in the 69th minute and James’ drive forcing a save from the outside in the 83rd.Even Chelsea started playing with fire again in the 71st minute when they passed the ball from the back.Chelsea did not score until lukaku’s aerial prowess failed to take advantage of a direct overhead pass and there was little time left in the 92nd minute when Ronaldinho took a 45-degree cross and cleared the ball.With a 20-8 lead on goal, the Blues lost 3-1 at home and went to real Madrid for the second leg.Having lost home advantage and trailing by two goals, the blues have had a tough knockout round.