Power Supply Company of Dacheng County, Langfang, Northern Hebei: Worked for 13 hours in the snow and snow to successfully deliver electricity to the isolated point

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“Xiao Han, the water is too cold, you come up first, we change a person……””I’ll do it, I’ll do it…”At 3:50 in the afternoon of March 18, it was snowing heavily in the big city. The outdoor temperature was below zero. Large snowflakes danced in the air and turned into ice water when they fell to the ground.In dacheng county, the isolation point of the cable connection site, the boom of cranes and excavators, the construction staff braved the wind and snow cable laying.On The afternoon of March 17, the power supply company of Dacheng County in Langfang, Hebei province received a notice from the county Party Committee and the county government that it would build a new isolation point in a company in Wangcun Town of Dacheng County and need emergency electricity access.Wang Chenggong, manager of power supply company of Great City County, immediately led relevant personnel to rush to the company and conduct on-site investigation.After the investigation found that the company hospital has a 630 kilovolt ampere temporary power box transformer, but the transformer has been idle for more than 5 years, low voltage outlet and other circumstances have not been understood, and the lack of capacitors and accessories in the distribution cabinet and other equipment.After the scene investigation, they returned to the company immediately held a seminar, according to the investigation to develop a construction plan.At 7:20 on the 18th, a group of construction personnel came into the field and started construction, peeling the cable skin and making leads…Make preparations for restoring the power connection points;Another group of construction personnel in the box transformer to check the internal facilities, carry out pressure test, capacitor installation……The construction work is proceeding in a tense and orderly manner.As of 1:40 p.m., with the snow falling, transformer power successfully.The weather was bad and the snow was falling harder and harder.Construction personnel at the site casually eat some instant noodles, then began to deal with the low-voltage wiring.Low-voltage wiring needs to hit 15 meters of road across, and then lay more than 400 meters of cable, and complete the three routes out.When it was time to cross the 15m hardened road, a difficult problem appeared.Because the company is located in low-lying, coupled with the previous snow, caused the ground dug 40 cm appeared seepage.A construction personnel said nothing, picked up the water drill directly into the water, began to play through.Ten minutes later, another construction worker shouted: “Xiao Wang, come on, I’ll fight!”In the heavy snow, several construction workers took turns diving into the icy water up to their ankles. No one flinched, no one complained…At 8:45 p.m. on the same day, all the construction was completed, including the high-voltage connection and low-voltage outlet laying, as well as the installation of temporary indoor lighting electricity, which provided convenience for the installation of the board house at the isolation point and gained time for the completion of the isolation point construction as soon as possible.After nearly 13 hours of construction in the snow and snow, the staff of the Power supply company of Dacheng County completed the daily workload of 2 days, but no one cried bitter, said tired.(Reporter Yang Yaqi correspondent Ma Rongfang Editor Wang Jing)