helps traditional rental industry upgrade with digital economy

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Digital economy is the main economic form following agricultural and industrial economy. It takes data resources as the key element, modern information network as the main carrier, and information and communication technology as the integrated application of new economic form.The State Council has issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for the development of digital Economy, The country’s first state-level plan in the field of digital economy.According to the development goal of the plan, the value added of core industries of the digital economy should account for 10 percent of GDP by 2025.At the same time, “blockchain” and “platform” are mentioned in the key tasks of vigorously promoting industrial digital transformation and accelerating digital industrialization, and “blockchain” is identified as “strategic prospective field”, and “platform” is the main feature of the organization mode of digital economy.By 2020, the added value of the core industries of China’s digital economy accounted for 7.8 percent of GDP. The positive results of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization will provide strong impetus for the sustainable and healthy development of the digital economy.Driven by the support of national policies and the booming digital economy, the new leasing economy is expected to embrace more favorable development opportunities.The introduction of the Plan not only helps to create an orderly market environment for the development of digital economy, but also points out the direction for the sustainable and healthy development of digital economy through high-level overall development and supervision.The development of digital economy is closely related to the digitalization of various industries.Digital new lease economy is one of the digital economy forms driven by credit big data and guaranteed by blockchain technology, which simplifies the transaction process of traditional offline lease mode and nurishes the new growth space of lease market.In the field of digital new lease economy, the construction of blockchain-based trusted service network and application support platform can provide a basic guarantee for extensive cooperation in digital economy.At present, the integration of digital technology and various industries is accelerating, and the promotion of online learning, teleconference, live video and other production and life styles is accelerating.In a variety of different life scenarios, people’s rental demand for facilities and equipment is also growing.As a new lease economy pilot, all rent based on credit data and chain block technology, enterprises and individuals to provide one stop credit from rental service, service range include office equipment, 3 c digital, home appliances, hardware tools, intelligent life, health care, tourism travel 200 industries, such as cover 250 + city.Through the unique combination of data, computing power and algorithm resources of the platform, Renrenrent promotes the precise docking of supply and demand in various scenarios, and helps the digital new leasing economy to form a higher level dynamic balance of demand-driven supply and demand-created demand.Driven by big credit data and guaranteed by blockchain technology, the digital new lease economy forms digital industrial ecology by constructing digital industrial chain, supply chain and innovation chain, which plays an important role in improving the quality of the existing resource cycle and smoothing the double cycle of supply and is the first platform in the industry to introduce blockchain depository + insurance technology, and realize accurate matching of market supply and demand through big data, and gradually build a new digital leasing economic system with efficient operation within the has launched “Online and offline digital new leasing solutions” nationwide, providing merchants with a brand new leasing mode of “credit rental mini program + credit big data + blockchain + insurance”, realizing full-link digital leasing before, during and after leasing.It provides users with a new experience consumption way of renting instead of buying, and enjoys multiple rental guarantees such as official quality inspection, 7-day replacement without any reason, lease term warranty and clear privacy of the return machine.A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are gaining momentum. Green and low-carbon ways of living and working are gaining popularity. Digital transformation has become the trend of The Times.By 2035, China’s digital economy will be prosperous and mature, and a unified, fair, competitive and mature modern market system of digital economy will be formed.It is believed that with the support of national policies and the vigorous development of digital economy, will achieve higher achievements and development in the field of digital new leasing.