Spring Festival, shu shu busy what?

2022-05-31 0 By

The Spring Festival has such a touch of “police color” busy in Wuyi earth with adherence and dedication interpretation of loyalty to bear with hard work and sweat to protect peace and peace I have in peace in 110 police stick in front of the police reception desk, quickly carry out the police reception and handling, protect the safety of the masses.The police force of the government has stepped up patrols in crowded places and large business areas to make people feel that the police are at their side.Traffic police stick to the road day and night, strictly check all kinds of crimes, dredge the traffic, to ensure that people travel safely and smoothly.The special police patrol in busy business areas, scenic spots and other crowded areas, guarding the people’s side, to give people a sense of security.The public security department and the police station from the beginning of the festival, in-depth investigation into the area of key industry places, key parts of the investigation and rectification of all kinds of public security risks, to ensure that the security risks “zero”.Source: Jiangmen Public Security