Audi A6allroad courtesy ready daily supply only 58 yuan

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No matter who you meet, they are the one you should meet, not by chance;You and audi A6allroad fate is not a “fate”?Daily supply is only 58 yuan, down payment as low as 58,000 yuan, only this “part”, the realm of life from now on.Enjoy exclusive luxury courtesy with favorable price in Beijing to help you easily drive audi A6allroad.Exclusive reception: free car washing (booking customers), 30-minute in-depth test drive;Exclusive negotiation VIP room, Audi A6allroad exclusive customer service hotline;Enjoy the early spring, Audi imported models spring Subsidy limited time exclusive: maximum can enjoy 22,000 yuan exclusive replacement subsidy;Down payments start at 58,000 yuan and daily payments start at 58 yuan;Deposit expansion gift, advance payment of 888 yuan, car purchase gift expanded to 2888 yuan;The designated model will give the whole car clothing;Enjoy exclusive car booking and delivery…At this moment, Beijing Auji Tongguo Audi Center only launches “a recommendation extraordinary” — Audi old car owners recommend new customers activity.Invite friends and relatives to become new members of Audi immediately, enjoy the new world with you, and feel more respected luxury experience.During the activity, if you recommend your friends to buy a car successfully, the recommender (old car owner) and the recommender (new car owner) will get unexpected surprises.Strong momentum, explore more possibilities!The AUDI A6 AllRoad starts at 581,800.00 RMB and comes with a new generation 3.0-L V6 turbocharged engine that delivers up to 340 HP. The V-type 6-cylinder engine also provides excellent ride and ease.Clear and sharp body outline;Matrix LED headlights;In addition, panoramic skylight brings broad vision, and equipped with anti-rock protection board and other equipment parts, to help you cope with various road conditions, explore the eye-catching journey.At the beginning of this year, Beijing Auji Tongguo Audi Center began to carry out ABT personalized vehicle modification. Adhering to the service concept of “customer first”, auji Tongguo Audi Center provides professional personalized modification of the exterior and interior of Audi cars as well as intimate butler customer service.With the leading modified car service concept and experienced executive team, we always understand the market information of automobile modification, grasp the diverse modification needs of Audi users, timely launch more perfect and personalized modification kits, help users to love audi cars are always beautiful scenery on the street.As the only flagship audi ducati dual-brand authorized store in Beijing, Beijing OGIE China store has the right to sell the whole series of Ducati motorcycles in China, and presents them one by one in the EXHIBITION hall C, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of ducati’s innovative products from “love early”.Set of luxury, enjoy the new pattern of life.Through the dookdee elite platform carefully built for you, you can communicate directly with other Dookdee friends and get to know many like-minded people.For you carefully selected high-quality courtesy, and your personality taste, for you to open a full range of taste of life.He immediately went to Beijing tong audi center, audi and ducati experience comes from every detail of luxurious treatment only your own comprehensive personalized enjoy driving platform to help you easily accept at heart he rides Beijing tong international ︱ leaning, service load, the distance he tong international welcome you come to tasting Beijing shunyi district in Beijing LiQiao Town lee lunan banbidian 14 days