Basically finalized!The Bucks are leading the chase for Goran Dragic, a 14-year-old point guard for the NBA championship

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The Milwaukee Bucks have been “actively” pursuing free-agent point guard Goran Dragic after the SAN Antonio Spurs bought him out.Basically in the successful stage of negotiations, waiting for the final details can be signed.ESPN’s Adrian Woinarowski spoke with source Mallika Andrews about the bucks’ pending acquisition of Goran Dragic.Goran Dragic is expected to discuss signing details with the Bucks this week.The Bucks waived Dante Divisenzo in a trade with the Sacramento Kings.They also lost Pat Connaughton to injury for a month, so the Bucks’ defensive depth has weakened.Adding Goran Dragic could quickly add to the roster, even if he only gets a few meaningful minutes per game for the Bucks, and help the Bucks advance to the finals again.Free agent Goran Dragic has been courted by a number of playoff teams, including the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers.But Dragic would prefer to go with the Bucks because he thinks they have a strong offense that can give him a championship shot and can provide a bigger role.Dragic, a 14-year VETERAN of the NBA, has plenty of experience.Left the Toronto Raptors after playing five games this season.He averaged 13.4 points and 4.4 assists in 26.7 minutes per game for the Miami Heat last season.Last August, Dragic was traded to the Raptors as part of the Kyle Lowry trade.He was traded to the Spurs before the Feb. 11 deadline and then bought out four days later.Goran Dragic certainly has room to earn some decent minutes in the Bucks’ backcourt.The departure of divicenzo and connaugton’s broken finger will provide him with ample opportunity to play.The Bucks need to improve their backcourt depth, and Dragic would be the logical choice.As Woinarowski said, the Bucks are likely to be the ultimate destination for Goran Dragic, the 35-year-old guard who could help the Bucks defend their title.Do you see Goran Dragic joining the Bucks?