“Crossing the line of fire” hidden edge and then break the game, r.GD can open low high move

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of R.LLOYD?A new king on the podium, an emerging ace with its own label, or a mediocre team this season.They endured the darkest and toughest times. They overcame tough enemies. They stood in the golden rain.However, brilliant results will eventually become history, the results of the new season is not satisfactory, many problems need to be paid attention to.To be considered a good team, you have to be at least in the Semifinals, and at this point in the regular season, you have to be at least no. 4.However, THE R.GD team is currently ranked fifth, and the team lineup that has been working together for a long time is not as long as the fourth one that has just been optimized. This is obviously not a problem of players’ ability, but a problem of attitude towards the game.In addition, the higher the regular season ranking, the more initiative they will have when they come to the playoffs, the better for the playoff game.So do not look down on the regular season of each game, points directly determine the opponent in the playoffs, there is a time difference of one point against the opponent strength is very far.Let’s further explore the personal status of r.GD’s internal players from the data.So far, there are no R.GD team members among the top 10 in kills, loss ratio or rally MVP.As former champions, it’s no coincidence that these players have not yet reached their potential, but mino and YH are no. 4 and No. 7 in damage per game, both of which are important statistics.From this point of view, the player’s personal ability is of a certain level, but YZK’s average damage per game is only about 60, obviously the new season did not find their own style of play or state adjustment is lagging behind.7X and Meye are not in bad shape, and their individual play and team coordination still need to be adjusted.Although the journey of the new season has just begun, but the opportunity is always to prepare for the people, it is necessary to plan ahead.We’re just looking at the situation that R.Gd is in right now.As the reigning champions, we expect R.GD to take the title of the strongest surprise team.Finally, let’s look forward to the pro season after the New Year, and hope R.LLOYD gets back to top form.China’s leading e-sports enabling comprehensive service platform was founded on July 1, 2017, is the domestic high-quality e-sports new marketing solution provider;Through brand IP event services, live broadcast and delivery services, one-stop event planning and execution services, and brand publicity and promotion services, we can quickly build online and offline game interactive marketing scenes between brands and users for the majority of brand partners, promote brand promotion, attract new, activate, transform index, and deeply help brand optimization decisions.# esports # Event operation # Marketing # Live streaming #