Newport tax: spring training is a good time to push forward

2022-06-01 0 By

On February 11, the Tax bureau of Yueyang Chenglingji New Port Area of the State Administration of Taxation organized the 2022 spring training activities.Rednet moment Yueyang February 12 news (correspondent Chen Zhen) spring diligent early, forge ahead at that time.On February 11, the Tax Bureau of Yueyang Chenglingji New Port Area of the State Administration of Taxation organized spring training activities for 2022, encouraging all officials and staff to cheer up, work hard, catch up and go beyond, and ensure a good start to the work of the whole year.The spring training activities by the bureau of 5 business backbone concentration teaching, the course covers the theoretical knowledge of party history, office software operation, tax-related service practice, credit rating and fta related knowledge, not only arranged political theory study, but also carried out tax business training.The spring training of 5 items and more than 7 class hours helped more than 70 cadres and workers to make up their weak points and improve their political literacy, business ability and practical operation level effectively.To do a good job in spring training this year, a new port revenue before the Spring Festival has the spring training file table and annual training plan, on theoretical study, policy interpretation, optimize the business environment, such as content, adhere to the “big monthly learning” and “Friday’s micro class” activities, taught by each post business backbone in turn came to power, at the same time, combined with the actual demand,Carry out targeted training of necessary new theories and new skills to promote the overall quality of cadres.”This’ spring training ‘is highly targeted, which can not only help everyone quickly settle down, but also focus on learning theoretical and business knowledge to improve skills.”The relevant person in charge of the agency said it would take this spring training activities as an opportunity, to learn, and communities in action for the implementation of, further clear goal and direction, in 2022, the work in a more full of working passion and mental state, striving to make high quality promoting xingang tax business, for the new port area to achieve the leap development contribute greater tax power quality,With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.