Prince Of Monaco’s former black mistress has been invited to a rare ceremony at the royal palace

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On January 27, Monaco’s royal family celebrated St Devote
Day of worship, the 63 – year – old prince Albert ii took his a pair of dragons and phoenixes female fetus, Jacques gabriela princess and prince, appear on the balcony of the palace, two of the royal family of seven Eva people waved to the downstairs, a father of Albert presents a face, for subsequent was filled with pride.

Princess Charlene, a mother of two who has not been seen in public since May last year, remains in a state of “disappearance”.Despite struggling to return to Monaco from South Africa in November last year, he was sent to Switzerland for “physical and mental exhaustion” and has not shown any signs of returning for nearly three months.Even on her 44th birthday, the royal family released only old photos of Charlene.

While Charlene was away, the couple’s great-aunt, Albert’s sister Princess Caroline, 64, has been seen more often and has apparently been asked by her brother to look after the little prince.Standing on the balcony, Carolyn patiently told her nephew the story with a loving look in her eyes.Although Caroline is only a year older than Albie, she is already a grandmother and her grandchildren are the same age as twins.

Day activity on one of the most surprising thing is the emergence of a black woman, the woman named nicole coase’s lady, was born in Togo, used to be a flight attendant became a fashion designer, and she can appear in the activities of the Monaco royal family, it is because she is a mistress of Albert, two people over 6 years of secret love,He also has an 18-year-old son, Alexander Coster Grimaldi.

Although the 50-year-old nicole in alberta, exchanges, and this is called playboy prince also not married, but as a result of two people relationship is not public, so nicole has long been viewed as the Albert’s mistress, foreign media reported in her use the word “mistress”, no one called Albert’s former girlfriend.Nicole, who has never had a good relationship with Charlene, publicly accused her of preventing Albert from seeing his son Alexander, and was unhappy with Albert when she gave a public interview while away from Monaco suggesting their marriage was “dead in name”.But recently Nicole has been making public appearances again, this time at royal ceremonies, prompting one to wonder what Albert’s intentions are.