Shu tiger head Zhan gold gun, rhinoceros gun million army

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Guan Yu and Ma Chao, we tend to label them as actors, best actor, seven royal shame and so on, in the stability of the short board is very obvious, two teams must be super double actors, but today this article may really overturn our cognition, let’s have a look.Guan Yu: The brave man won the battle + cut off his path ma Chao: Fierce and invincible + dustpan shaped array Guan Mei: According to the Water broken bridge + Qingzhou soldier Guan Yu:97, guan yu’s properties is relatively balanced, initial force command 97, intelligence also has 79, very good to act as the owner a beaten characters, bring their own methods unierse huaxia, prepare a round, to attack the enemy all day, and there is a 65% chance to exhausted to disarm the enemy into the state, three effect can increase damage by 18% for 2 full turns.Damage + control + damage, guan Yu does not play the case, it is very powerful, but 35% trigger, ready to fight, you tell me not to play??The brave come first:Fighting effect is very simple, common attack after a 45% chance to get their resist effect, and make the next active fighting damage increased by 80%, guan yu’s speed is accepted, so we can eat big probability to resist effect, secondly you guan yu is not like play, then I will not trigger the number, only a single trigger damage, change the idea to play,Making Guan Yu more stable.Whether megatron China or absolutely its drain triggered are not deficient.4. To cut a path from it:Very strong skill, the combat effect is prepared for one round, inflicting 162% damage to enemy groups, and lasts one round of forbidden healing, Guan Yu’s high speed can trigger the forbidden healing effect more quickly, and in the PK season, the emergence of this skill, the recovery flow is largely suppressed,50% trigger chance to active combat is also above the level, but also with the brave get linkage, hit high damage.D: d is also a lot of time has been dubbed the “seven is a disgrace to the royal”, often can’t hurt, bringing fighting battle their 34 points of force and a group of attack effect, the mainstream of development now or to make d go is similar to the naked clothes a bloody battle, blade flurry, rests the output stream, but I understand d when more suitable for a tool to control people, d deficiency is stable.Pan – shaped array: really fit ma Chao, why do you say so?The effect of the pan formation is to reduce the damage caused by the enemy’s main general by 40% in the first three rounds of the battle, and one of our lieutenant general reduces tactical damage by 18%, and one of our lieutenant general reduces force damage by 18%. This skill is a great suppression of the late main general team, such as brother Lu Bu, is very restrained, of course, you will find that if you look closely,The commanding general reduce damage is affected by the force, d linkage and force of the fighting, d practical force of 430, reduced to 75%, true too terror, and stable trigger, like wei for detail port: control the gun, is to control the scalp pins and needles, control overflow, the sniper control, prepare a round,Weakens enemy groups of 2 for 2 turns, deals 158% damage if already weak, ignores defense for 2 turns.Linkage guan Yu Guan mei, this control, the audience gentlemen fine product, followed by two damage by force bonus, this is not linked to their own tactics?Can 400 + melee damage be bad?This is the proper way to open the horse.GuanMei:Pk season has nothing to do with younger sister no shu gun not wave get hollow reputation, bring fighting tiger female door can not only cause 128% of damage to enemy 2 people, but also can hit the tiger Chen effect, effect of tiger Chen to a hurt, the most to gain 90%, secondary effect three consecutive attack to the army can hit deterrent effect, three effects can also increase, and up to 60% of the high rate,It’s hard to imagine, Guan YYDS, the heart of gun control.According to water break bridge:Fled the state for the enemy group, and each leg sustained damage, than concern to reduce the enemy’s damage by 8% and its own defect effect (16%), the methods are quite cowhide, and group fled the state can not only seeks the linkage effects, can also with GuanMei tiger Chen to produce linkage effect, gun control rests in the ah, one of the second GuanMei is relatively fragile,Defection effect with qingzhou soldiers, this endurance is not up, this team wearing ability is not to it.Qingzhou soldier: after the revision of qingzhou soldier, really not my hubbub, really cowhid, play defense counterattack, but also can recover the health, and the health of the response is basically 3000+, the endurance up, we wait for more wear it.Guan Yu: After the first to + ghost mou after the first to let Guan Yu can first strike, play the first hand control effect, ghost mou is to improve the active combat damage, after all, Guan Er ye, no damage how on the road mixed horse super:After the first to + divination after the first to the linkage of power, priority control field, Guan Yu control is not enough, we can not fall ma Chao, the same as the seven royal shame, I ma Chao don’t face, divination is also linked after the hair and its own high speed, a great degree of magnification of divination reduction.GuanMei: divide and disease fighting + quick + derived GuanMei itself is fragile, divide and disease war makes GuanMei life is strong, quick and linkage, let GuanMei hit the tiger Chen to powerful effect as soon as possible, again with guan yu d linkage, tiger Chen isn’t steady, again on a derived, female tiger door rate was sixty percent, is it not feel better?War report appreciation is good, we share today here, I am Chenxi, we will see you next time, 88, by the way, there is a point to pay attention to, the actual combat round speed is Guan Mei “Guan Yu” Ma Chao.