The year of the Tiger opportunity for inheriting the national Intangible Cultural Heritage project “Lihou Tiger”

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Lihou Tiger, also known as cloth tiger, is popular in Lihou Town, Tinghepu township area of Licheng County, Shanxi Province folk tiger cloth art.Respondents for figure (spring go grassroots) national intangible heritage project “explains the tiger” the year of the tiger opportunity changzhi from Beijing, feb 10 (Reuters) : national intangible heritage project “explains the tiger” the year of the tiger opportunity Xiao-hong liu 10, the 10th day, still busy in the folk show xiao-mei li was very happy, because the tiger is very popular with people of being made.In the year of the Tiger, Li Xiaomei, the provincial representative inheritor of the Li Houhu Project, a national intangible cultural heritage, has been busy filling orders for li Houhu from home and abroad since Last October.Li Houhu is a wonderful flower of licheng County folk handicraft.”Before the New Year, I was busy until the afternoon of The New Year’s Eve. I started working again at noon on the first day of the New Year.”Li Xiaomei told reporters that compared with previous years, this year’s orders increased sharply, but also received a lot of overseas orders, although busy, but very happy.Lihou Tiger, also known as cloth tiger, is a folk tiger cloth art popular in Lihou Town and Tinghepu Town of Licheng County, Shanxi Province. It got its name because Of the ancient name “Lihou” of Licheng City, and is a wonderful flower of folk handicrafts in Licheng County.The Lihou tiger originated from the folk custom of the Shang and Zhou dynasties with the tiger as the totem. After 3,000 years of historical evolution, it has been gradually perfected and shaped today.It is known as “The first tiger in China” for its vivid shape and majestic appearance, which has cultural connotations of blessing, town house and making money among the people.Li Hou tiger originated from the folk customs of Shang and Zhou dynasties with tiger as totem.As the inheritor, Li Xiaomei has been engaged in the production of Li Houhu for several decades.According to its introduction, in her hometown Lihou town north osmanthus village, the villagers in the home to give birth to a child or a happy event, will be placed Lihou tiger meaning blessing zengshou, settling down and wealth.Because li Xiaomei elders in the home can make Li Houhu, often help neighbors sew, be influenced by elders, Li Xiaomei has a special liking to Li Houhu since childhood, often help grandpa grandma and parents make a few small accessories.Gradually, she became familiar with the whole process of making a Li Hou tiger.At first, the Lihou tiger was only known in Licheng County.Until the Year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar in 1998, the Tiger was selected as the stamp pattern of the Chinese zodiac and soon became famous throughout the country.In July 2008, Li Houhu was officially confirmed as the folk handicrafts exhibited in the Beijing Olympic Games. Its cultural connotation and historical value once again attracted attention.The famous Li Hou tiger at home and abroad makes the demand of the people increase sharply.At that time, Li Xiaomei, who was proficient in making Li Houhu, and her family worked day and night to make li Houhu and hired women in the village to make small accessories.Even so, they still couldn’t fill the orders in time.Out of love for Li Houhu, Li Xiaomei, 34, quit her job as a nurse in 2008 to make li Houhu with her father.Over the years, Li Xiaomei consistently adhered to the love of Li Houhu and the belief of further development.As a representative of traditional handicrafts, the tiger was once popular, but after the popularity faded, the current situation of the tiger is still not satisfactory.As a successor, Li Xiaomei is worried about Li Houhu’s future.Worry, Li Xiaomei actively seek solutions.She believes that only by innovating products and making lihouhu products diversified and closer to life can the technology of Lihouhu be sustainable.Current, Li Xiaomei is making Li Hou tiger diversification product actively.In 1998, the Year of the Tiger in the Lunar calendar, the Li Hou tiger was selected as the stamp pattern of the Chinese zodiac and soon became famous throughout the country.”If Li Houhu wants to be recognized by the market, it needs to integrate with the market repeatedly. It takes time to accumulate from excavation, research and development, and then to blossom everywhere.Fortunately, I am still young.”Li Xiaomei said, now, the year of the tiger again let Li Hou tiger is widely known by the public, during the exhibition, the production of small cloth tiger pendants very recruit children love.”Because it is the year of the tiger, many people buy the Tiger. It is also a good opportunity to promote the tiger.”Li Xiaomei said.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: