Tianjin: The proportion of demonstration streets and towns in garbage classification reached 30% and the utilization rate of resources reached 80%

2022-06-01 0 By

Recently, it was learned from the municipal Urban management Committee that the municipal government will comprehensively improve the level of garbage management and sanitation operations and promote the construction of a clean city. This year, it will promote the construction of demonstration streets and towns for household garbage classification to reach 30% and the utilization rate of resources to reach 80%.The cleaning rate and washing rate of main roads in the city’s built-up areas reached 100%, and the average rate of urban roads reaching the standard of “net by gram” reached 80%.This year, the city has further promoted the classification of household garbage, upgraded the collection points (stations) of household garbage classification in accordance with the standards of facilitation, refinement and humanization, continuously strengthened demonstration and guidance, and promoted the construction of demonstration streets and towns of household garbage classification covering 2,000 residential communities.At the same time, the city continued to promote the construction of garbage plants and stations to make up for the shortage of facilities. Combined with the 14th Five-Year Plan and the special layout planning of sanitation facilities, the city promoted the construction of kitchen waste disposal facilities in Binhai New Area, and increased the kitchen waste disposal capacity by 400 tons per day.Promote the construction of 10 construction waste absorption and resource utilization plants in Beichen district, Xiqing District and other districts, six large waste treatment plants and slag resource utilization plant in Jizhou District, and form a whole-chain waste treatment system suitable for economic and social development;In accordance with the principle of reasonable transport distances and balanced distribution, five refuse transfer stations have been built or upgraded to improve the transfer capacity of refuse, and a system has been basically established for classifying waste delivery, collection, transportation and treatment, with a resource utilization rate of 80 percent.In addition, the city will do a good job in roads, public toilets and community environmental sanitation this year.(Reporter Qu Qing liu Guodong)