Beijing has launched five traditional Chinese medicine health tourism routes

2022-06-02 0 By

Beijing Business Daily (reporter Guan Zichen, Wu Qiyun) On February 19, Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau jointly launched 5 Beijing traditional Chinese medicine health tourism boutique routes.It is understood that the five routes cover the palace medical culture exhibition, medicinal food tasting, traditional Chinese medicine health care, traditional Chinese medicine hot spring health and other experience content, involving museums, parks, hospitals, old medicine shops and tourist attractions.Tu Youyou Research Studio of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences was also included.With a long history, Beijing has gathered the royal health culture from the Yuan Dynasty and spanning the Ming and Qing dynasties, palace tea and meals, century-old names of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, all kinds of characteristic hospitals and museums, as well as the top-level technologies and products combining traditional Chinese medicine culture with modern science and technology.Attachment: 5 Beijing traditional Chinese medicine health tourism products line line 1: the palace medicine physician pavilion, ditan Chinese medicine keeping in good health culture park, listen to the cerulean pavilion, xiyuan hospital line name: royal kang have fangyuan: palace medicine culture of ancient and modem line window: explaining “court” of medicine, experience method, the way to support the royal kang to decrypt the court cure too much content image.See what the tiger is, and see the history of medical culture.Do: Bring your children.Route 2: Guangyuyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum — Tongrentang Dashilan Old Medicine Shop — Gulou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine In Beijing Famous Doctor MuseumDo: Take the elderly and children.Line 3: Beijing university of Chinese medicine museum of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine academy of sciences researcher at the Chinese medical history museum – tu studio line name: roots back to know wrong: road line window: a journey of studies of traditional Chinese medicine by Chinese medicine for health, in a professional, authoritative, leading universities and research institutes of traditional Chinese medicine, opens the door to the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and health.Do: Bring your children.Line 4: Beijing tongrentang health zero store – Beijing museum of TCM firing technology line name: play the tide of new fashion: traditional culture new look line window: diccourse traditional culture and modern fashion mix build, old product, the experiential consumption to build web celebrity clock, show Beijing cuisine features of traditional Chinese medicine processing techniques.Do: Young people participate, experience and shopping.Line 5: Beijing royal hall museum, Beijing dragon vein of Chinese medicine hot spring resort line name: there are mountain water has hot springs: from Beijing suburbs leisure keeping in good health secret line window: the museum experience of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and profound culture, in the hot spring Shang Chi enjoy leisure landscape, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and hot spring “mix build” experience of 16 kinds of hot spring bath therapy health keeping in good health.Do: Stay 1-2 nights as a family.