Chinese snooker two advance!Zhao Xintong eliminated the world championship title, Zhou Yuelong defeated the post-90 general

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On January 27, 2022, the German Masters snooker championship continued, with three Chinese players finishing the competition. Zhao Xintong and Zhou Yuelong advanced, Zhang Anda was eliminated in the first round, zhao Xintong knocked out world champion Mark.Williams, Zhou Yuelong beat McGill, a post-90 player, and Zhang Anda lost to Luca of Belgium.Brecel, the fifth Karen in the world.Wilson plays steady and sweeps Jimmy.Robertson.Ding lost to Mark in two best-of-nine qualifying rounds last year.Davis out, O ‘Sullivan, Higgins and other great players did not enter the tournament, the final race to Berlin only 32 people, The Chinese players occupy eight seats, but Gao Yang, Liang Wenbo withdrew, Trump won 80,000 pounds last year, this time he has a chance to attack the triple crown.Zhao tong is currently the only player in China, the world’s top ten last year he got the kam championship, become the ding junhui, YanBingTao after another three contest winners, he also have good performance in the champions league this year, won eight straight to qualify the winner group masters to higgins first-round exit, came to the German masters, the first round against the world mark 8.Williams.Five times in my career, Mark.Williams was 4-1, the WTF rules use the best of nine sets, after the start of the match, Zhao Xintong was in good form, shot 64 points to lead, Mark.Williams hit a number of shots to level 67-31 before Cho hit a 72 to win two straight frames and take a 3-1 lead into the break.Williams is not in a state of simple turnovers too much.Williams then bounced back with a 65 and 61 to tie for 3-all. At the crucial moment, Zhao kept up the pressure and scored 89 to get match point. Then she took her chance and scored 70 to finish the match 5-3.Williams.For the game at the same time, Zhou Yuelong do well, he in the first round against star after 90, ranked 14th McGill, Zhou Yuelong state is good, with 96, 74 points, 67 points, winning three games, McGill hit a shot 69 points before the break, then Zhou Yuelong in a 62-35, 76-1, 79-40 won the battle,McGill was eliminated 5-2 to advance to the round of 16.Zhang Anda became the first Chinese player to be knocked out of the tournament. Despite scoring 95, 70 and 55, he lost 5-3 to Luka, who broke 100 with two strokes.Brecel, who won the Scottish Open and runner-up at the UK Championship this season, and Karen.Wilson bowled 117, 94, 64, 58 to knock out Jimmy 5-1.Robertson.