Combination of powder “highlight moment”, Yi Yangqianxi Spring Festival files two plays, Wang Junkai package promotion

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With the popularity of talent shows in recent years, there are also a lot of combinations in the entertainment circle, such a feeling is also very long, in fact, there are not too many combinations in the entertainment, especially the real combination is also very few.When it comes to the group, TFBOYS is definitely the initial aspiration of many group fans. Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan and Yi Yangqianxi are the three artists that people have watched since childhood. It can be said that they are rooted in the roots of the three artists, and their business ability is very strong.However, in recent years, the three have rarely had the opportunity to get together, and even failed to see the combination of the three in last year’s anniversary for various reasons, but there have been some “highlight moments” of the group’s fans recently.At the beginning of their debut, they were like three conjoined twins. They were together all the time, and the interaction was very close. Moreover, their friendship was very pure at that time, so they also attracted many band fans.As sanxiaoji grew up, the development direction of the three artists also became different. Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi were more inclined to film and television dramas, while Wang Yuan still focused on his music dream, including many programs and activities he participated in are related to music.In recent years, Wang Junkai has been favored and supported by many older artists with his high eq performance in major programs. Gradually, he has formed his own life circle. As the leader of the group, Wang Junkai always takes care of other members.Jackson Yi’s growth is very fast. Before entering the Drama school, he made the film Young You, which won many awards. Through this work, we can see his talent.As a young actor, Yi yangqixi is very composed. In the coming Spring Festival, Yi will have two productions, one of which will be directed by Chen Kaige.Chen also spoke highly of Yi at the film’s press conference, saying that he had asked Yi to repeat six shots with the same shot in order to test Yi’s patience.In the process of shooting, Yi yangqianxi did not have any impetuousness and impatience, and finally he shot according to the requirements patiently. Such an attitude made the director feel very happy, but also very rare.Jackson Yi’s studies are not over yet, but he seems to be in a transition stage, or he has a very deep understanding of himself.Many young actors will focus on sweet pet dramas and youth idol dramas, while Yi yangqianxi’s scripts and themes are very deep, and the roles need to be explored in depth. Such roles are often more challenging to perform.Jackson Yi has a high degree of completion, and he has his own unique understanding of many roles. It is for this reason that he is able to present a more complete performance.This time the Spring Festival, yi Yangqianxi a total of two works to meet with you, these two works are also very deep, but also scheduled to pop the Spring Festival film.Wang Junkai posted his record of booking a theater, for Jackson Yi’s two movies, Wang junkai booked a total of two performances, such brotherly love let everyone feel very envious, really worthy of the group fans “highlight moment”, expect them to have many opportunities to share the stage later!