Congratulations on the safe birth of your second child

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EXILE singer TAKAHIRO (37) and actress Saki Takei (28) have given birth to their second child, a girl, Japanese media reported Sunday.Both mother and daughter are healthy.In a joint statement, the pair expressed their joy at the arrival of their new family member: “I feel blessed because every day will be more exciting.I sincerely hope the days ahead are bright.”We will never forget our gratitude to those who supported us.Taking care of the babies while trying to get to the next level.Please continue to protect us, so that we will feel happy.”TAKAHIRO and Takei met each other in the Japanese TV series Search Officer in 2014. In March 2015, they became close in the SP shooting of the same Japanese drama.After about two and a half years of dating, they were married.■TAKAHIRO was born to TAKAHIRO.He was born in Nagasaki Prefecture on February 8, 1984 (Showa 59).He was selected to join EXILE in September 2006.In 2013, he made his debut in “One Thousand and one Seconds” SOLO. In 2014, he made his debut as an actor in the Japanese TV drama “Zhanli Foreign Search Officer”.She is a professional painter, 180 cm tall.■ Sakae Takei was born in Nagoya on December 25, 1993 (heisei 5).In 2006, she entered the entertainment industry by winning the model award and the Media Award at the National Beauty Pageant of Japan.In 2009, he made his debut in Fuji TV’s “Boyo”.His representative works include the film “Rogue sword Heart” series, TV Asahi’s “Black Leather Manual” and so on.He is 163 centimeters tall.