It only costs 1.5 yuan to make a bowl of noodles, which is simple and delicious but not expensive. It has become popular in wechat moments

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Spring eclipse spring bud, health benefits.In spring, many plants are fresh green buds, which are actually a kind of natural delicacy, such as Chinese toon head, tender bean sprouts, lettuce and so on.I like spring in the south of the Yangtze River. There are many kinds of wild vegetables and buds, each with its own flavor characteristics.Chinese toon, is the most popular spring bud!Did not eat it, equivalent to spring white ah!Chinese toon eating a lot of, but the most classic eating method or scrambled eggs, two kinds of aroma complement each other, very delicious!Ate so many years of Chinese toon, discover suddenly today, with Chinese toon still can do noodles of batter, simple, clear and refreshing, this noodles is very delicious unexpectedly!This practice is the first time to eat, but really delicious breakfast to eat a bowl, hot, fragrant, delicious and quick, full of vitality in the morning!Look at me this big bowl, noodles cost 1.5 yuan, toon is picked from a friend’s door tree, free, eggs are a game farm “planted”, also free, ha ha, the cost is only 1.5 yuan, eat full and eat well!Hair circle of friends, netizens are boiling: “too happy!Our Chinese toon wants hundreds of yuan a catty!”Food is not noble, delicious are beautiful, quickly eat up, do not eat too late!Hey hey, gossip does not say, although Chinese toon is delicious, but also want to pay attention to a few small skills oh, otherwise not only not delicious, not good-looking, may even return unhealthy oh!Here’s how to do it.This is all the ingredients for this bowl of noodles, wet noodles bought downstairs, a little Chinese toon, 1 egg, here for one person.One of the healthiest ways to eat it is to blanch it to remove some of the nitrites.Because there are a lot of nitrite in fresh Chinese toon, adverse to human body health.To blanch, bring a pot of water to the boil, add the toona, and quickly stir with chopsticks.Speaking of which, Chinese toon is really an amazing plant.When it is fresh, it is purplish red. When boiling water is blanched, it will immediately turn green and the water will turn red.After turning green, you can pick it up immediately. The time is not too long, and then the green pigment will dissolve and become gray.One egg, a little salt, beaten well.Chop the Chinese toon.See?Now the Chinese toon is green.Chinese toon and egg do not fry together, fry otherwise good Chinese toon can become gray, affect appetite.So, make sure you scramble the eggs first.Remember to put eggs in hot oil, and the eggs quickly bubble up and stir with chopsticks.As soon as the eggs are half-set, add the toon, toss quickly and turn off the heat immediately.Only such fry law, ability maintains the green of Chinese toon already, maintain egg soft and tender again, have the best of both worlds.The next is simple, and then boil a pot of boiling water, the next strip cooked on the line, add some salt, sheng, the original soup into the original food.Finally, add the fried toon eggs to the bowl of noodles and start eating!