Jinan laiwu district | up enterprises, important birthplace of qilu culture, geographical geometry center in shandong province

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Laiwu is an important birthplace of Qilu culture, which has formed a regional cultural trend of “worshiping morality, maintaining reality, and heavy industry and thick commerce”.Within the territory of the Changshao war, “unbribed” generation of praise, the Ming Dynasty eight famous, laiwu battle recorded in history.Into the new era, the district government leadership adhering to the long historical and cultural tradition, closely linked to the pulse of The Times.Calculated by all the lead in the heart of the solution, keep improving, solidarity, long strives for development, concentrate on construction and craved for crossing, condensed to form the “soul” as the core spirit of laiwu, boost vigor, as vanguard, making a big as, to sprint across the province county territory economy class level,Become the whole district of conscious action and unremitting pursuit.Laiwu district is a charming land with great development potential.It is located in the geographical and geometric center of Shandong Province, with 4 expressways passing through, 3 of which are connected with Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou and Jiqing respectively.Two railways intersect in the territory, and connect with Beijing-Shanghai, Jiaojia-Jinan railway;It takes 30 minutes to reach Mount Tai, 40 minutes to reach Jinan International Airport and 2 hours to reach Qingdao, an open port.Jinan – Laiwu intercity light rail is under construction, which can shorten the travel time from Jinan to Laiwu to 20 minutes.With distinctive industrial features, a new pattern of industrial development has taken shape, with new medicine, new energy, new materials and high-end equipment manufacturing as the leading industries, and e-commerce, modern logistics and cultural tourism as the focus.New pharmaceutical industry, relying on Shennuoji, focuses on the development of national first class new drugs and high-end medical equipment.New energy industry, alpur, Higgs new Energy and other enterprises promote the development of air energy and solar energy equipment from scientific and technological advantages to scale advantages.New material industry, based on silicon carbide ceramics, nano fiber, graphene and so on to drive cluster development.In high-end equipment manufacturing, “Internet Plus” is deeply integrated with traditional manufacturing industries such as auto parts, elevators and electrical equipment to achieve high-end product development.Centering on the three development priorities of e-commerce, modern logistics and cultural tourism, yigao E-commerce Industrial Park, Alibaba Rural Taobao, China Network Library, Changlu International Tourism Resort and other modern service industries have developed rapidly.With outstanding carrier advantages, laicheng Industrial Zone, built with the strength of the whole district, is a provincial-level industrial demonstration zone, and is focusing on building six characteristic industrial parks. With continuous improvement of infrastructure and increasing capacity of carrying projects, Laiwu District has become an important carrier of foreign cooperation and accelerated development.Especially to seize “dhi lai cooperation zone” of the construction of the great opportunities, laiwu industrial zone based on the “relays on jinan jinan, service,” the overall orientation, focus on building continues the jinan advanced manufacturing transfer main land, the bridgehead and to realize economic integration platform, in accordance with the “city integrated production, integration development path, lift force of the district to speed up the construction,Focus on building “one city, three parks and one base”.Laiwu District is a promising place with excellent development environment.We always adhere to the environment as the lifeline of economic development, is committed to creating “three” : namely, the most preferential policies, the most excellent service, excellent environment, determined to achieve “four all” : namely on the procedures are simple, the tax shall be from low, on the production and business operation and life from then, in terms of preferential policies and incentives will be fulfilled.Study and establish the industrial revitalization of article 10, 20 high-level talent introduction and training skilled personnel 30 and a series of preferential policies, to conform to the conditions of large projects, by “one project one discussion happens, the special matter manages” approach, to give maximum support and service, strive to make customers in laiwu district investment trust, peace of mind, work well, life comfortable.