V6 straight 6?2022 Toyota “Reiz” overseas exposure, with hawk-eye headlights, is expected to be domestic

2022-06-02 0 By

In the domestic market, the discontinuing of Toyota’s Reiz and Crown is indeed a shame, and while the current situation was expected, perhaps like Suzuki’s, it is only a pity to lose them.But in fact, we know that only the Chinese market stopped production, both Crown and Reiz have retained production lines in Japan, and have completed the replacement!The news that the Crown will likely return to the Chinese market next year is still exciting, and reiz is expected to do the same, which leads us to today’s star of the 2022 Toyota reiz!Unlike the Crown, reiz, after the overseas upgrade, mostly retains the conventional design style, but pays more attention to the details of the change.On the positive side, it is still so youthful movement.In fact, there is no feeling out of date now, both sides are equipped with a new design of eagle eye headlights, has been laser headlights with two groups of LED light source composition, driving lights is the use of sunken design, dot matrix grille has become more amiable.The new car comes out of the factory equipped with a sporty front surround, especially on the sides to present a scimitar type effect, bringing a stronger sporty atmosphere.On the side, the new car still adopts the golden layout, of course, this is also a big advantage of the rear drive, which is not given by any of the front drive.The size should not be too different from the current model, or it may be because of the addition of the motion surround, the overall thicker.And at the back of the car, we see the hump of the tail wing. It’s not obvious!The taillight was changed into a ladder shape, and the silver inlay was used inside the lampshade, which looks very textured!Wide hind encircle and head just form echo.On the interior, reiz still continues the traditional layout, which is quite different from the new crown!The instrument still uses the dual barrel shape, and the display is only mechanical, but in fact it is more suitable for the positioning of the car, the built-in center control screen and the lower lever is really retro, and there are functional physical buttons around!When we look at the door lining, we also use the two-color lining layout, which still shows a strong sports style!We know that reiz had the same 3.0-L V6 engine as the Crown, but the new car has changed the power. The V6 is also a 6-cylinder engine, but the V6 is a straight-6 engine. This engine is not Toyota’s own, of course, but the L6 engine developed by Toyota and Mazda.Therefore, the overall playability and modification potential are greater. The gearbox is still tired of the AT gearbox. In addition to the conventional rear drive version, the new car is also equipped with the four-wheel drive version on some models.So if the crown is back on the market, can reiz be far behind?What do you think about that?!