What does it mean to show “HD” on your phone?What’s the use?You’ll find out after reading the article

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Many users find the “HD” icon displayed at the top of the screen when they use their mobile phones. They don’t know what it means and what it stands for. This article will talk about what it does.What does it mean to show “HD” on your phone?The so-called “HD” icon can be understood as a “communication standard”. When the “HD” icon appears on the mobile phone, it means that the user has enabled the “VoLTE HD voice call” function. This function is provided by the carrier, but the user can decide to disable or enable this function.Turn on the “HD” function, what does it do?It has two functions: one is to ensure that the user keeps on the mobile data network during the call; the other is to ensure that the user keeps on the mobile data network during the call.Another feature is to provide a more stable environment for users to make calls.In the 2G and 3G era, due to the limitations of technology, equipment and network, call network and mobile data network often cannot coexist. However, with the emergence of VoLTE technology, this problem is perfectly solved.To solve the problem.According to relevant data, VoLTE technology based on 4G network, can provide users with 6 times faster than 2G GSM, 3 times faster than 3G UMTS communication network.In addition to the speed increase, call quality has also been improved.In popular language, it can shorten the waiting time for users to make phone calls, improve the connection stability in the process of phone calls, and continuously open the data network in the process of phone calls, supporting users to use mobile data network while talking.Conclusion:Many users consider open “HD” function, in standby mode may generate additional electricity, although there is no data to support this view, but one thing to be clear, users open “HD” function, only the user calls, it will play a role, at ordinary times in standby state, the standby one more function, will increase power consumption,But the power consumption is negligible, so don’t worry about the power consumption.Note: Although the HD icon is mentioned in this article, the specific model, system version, and software version are not involved.