Wushan public security on the eve of the Spring Festival arrested two telecommunications network fraud suspects

2022-06-02 0 By

Recently, Wushan County public Security Bureau seriously implement the decision-making and deployment of the superior public security organs, to deputy mayor, city Public Security Bureau Party Secretary, director Comrade Guo Qingxiang in Tianshui city anti-fraud centralized publicity campaign launch ceremony speech spirit as an opportunity, always adhere to the “people-centered” concept of development,Will fight against the governance of new telecommunications network crimes included in the “urban and rural governance of six major action”, in the whole society against fraud, the whole people prevent fraud publicity at the same time, closely staring at the Spring Festival telecom network fraud crime situation, dig thoroughly investigate the crime clues, with a powerful means to launch a fierce offensive to new network crimes.On the eve of the Spring Festival, The Public Security Bureau of Wushan County sent investigators to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guizhou and other places to carry out investigation and evidence collection, arrest work.Through the unremitting efforts of the police in the task force, on the evening of January 29, 2 suspects involved in fraud were successfully captured in Guizhou, 2 local electric fraud cases were solved, and 25 electric fraud cases were helped to be solved in other provinces.At present, one suspect has been detained by the Public Security Bureau of Wushan County, and another suspect has been released on bail pending trial. The case is under further investigation.Source: Wushan Public Security