Ye Tong is also quite ostentatious in his old age, wearing quite deep clothes, but his trousers are very conspicuous

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Dressing has always been a difficult problem for women to become beautiful. Many women know that they should wear temperament to better display their own image, but they do not know how to match themselves to wear their own feeling.This is to rely on wearing to achieve, the use of appropriate wearing skills to be able to dress through their temperament.Choose clothing, must accord with their own figure characteristics and temperament personality.There are a lot of clothes in the dress can improve their image and charm, but it requires us to carefully observe and find, then you might as well and small make up to continue to watch it.In fact, for dressing and dressing, if you can find a suitable clothing style, then wearing is half finished, and then through their own temperament, personality to understand their own charm, can draw inferiorly, make their own fashion aesthetic become stronger.Young girls are more experienced in dressing up, but if you are older, it is recommended to learn from some female stars and imitate their clothes, so that you will make your own image more outstanding.For example, the dress of the actress Ye Tong is of great reference value. As Ye Tong is no longer young, his dress and style can often be used for reference by middle-aged and elderly women.We can appropriately refer to the dressing style of Ye Tong, according to his style to understand the middle-aged and elderly women when dressing, should choose what kind of clothing items to go to.Make yourself attractive, and in doing so, make yourself look good.Ye Tong is also ostentatious when he is older, wearing quite deep clothes, but his trousers are very conspicuous. In fact, older women can refer to Ye Tong in their dressing, they are not only mature but also elegant, and their temperament is too good.If you are old enough, try to choose dark clothing colors when choosing tops, so that you can show your temperament and make your image more elegant and composed.For example, it is very good to choose black clothes to match yourself, because black is a very low-key color, and black clothes will make women more calm.To let the figure of oneself more elegant, can be in black outside build above add dark blue inwrought printing design, such modelling can be promoted very well deep feeling and sedate feeling.If you choose a black embroidered print jacket on important occasions, you should pay attention to the choice of trousers, because it is in important occasions, so you need to choose those bright clothes in shape.So you can use the golden pavement to match yourself, with the golden color is full of color and beautiful sense of color to enhance the gloss of the model, but also let the overall image more conspicuous.Golden leather pants is a good choice, but golden leather pants in the collocation must pay attention to, can not choose at will, as far as possible are those legs more outstanding women to choose this kind of pants style.Among the numerous clothing items, if you want to make your temperament more gentle, you can use the clothing items with chiffon material to match yourself. For example, the printed shirt with chiffon is a good choice.Chiffon prints should always be in a light color, such as nude. Add feminine prints to the top to create a soft yet layered look.For the choice of trousers, it is more common to use jeans to match themselves, because jeans themselves are very casual with the collocation of clothing items and chiffon printed shirt, which can also enhance the charm of women.Light chiffon suit + beige Chiffon pants For some middle-aged and elderly women, want to show their own aura, you can use the suit to match yourself, but the style of the suit also need to pay attention to.In order to make their own image in the show of energy and at the same time do not lose a gentle sense, it is recommended to use chiffon suits to match their own.Chiffon suit fabric is very thin, if you choose light color style, you will make your image more gentle and gentle, such as light blue, light green chiffon suit is a good choice.Then pants can use the same material style, that is, all choose chiffon material, so that the overall shape will tend to be consistent in temperament, chiffon pants suggest to choose beige pants, to make the shape more simple and clean.In order to make the image of oneself more intellectual, it is suggested to use the shirt to match oneself, then the shirt can try to use the light pink shirt, because the light pink shirt can not only show the intellectual feeling, but also make the image of women more.Gentle and the choice of the lower part of the body suggests using half skirt to match himself, half skirt can use golden satin half skirt, gold and exercise in combination, will promote the burnish sense of the model, at the same time show a very noble feeling.I believe that these styles of Ye Tong can bring you a very good dressing experience, because most of these styles of Ye Tong are very worthy of reference and imitation, as long as you carefully observe, you can find a suitable style of wearing.